New runner in the family

I’m happy to report that we have a new runner in the family! YAY! Over the weekend, I bought a running set for Lizzy and asked her if she’d like start jogging with me, she said enthusiastically yes! I did my run first and then went home to pick her. She was all ready and super excited for her first run.¬† kids at her age don’t know what’s jogging, they just sprint. I tried to guide her to slowdown but she doesn’t get it and kept sprinting and stopping, which is fine. We did 2km of sprinting to an object (tree, cat, dog, trash cans) followed by some walking. In total between running and walking, it was probably 20 min, perfect amount for an almost 5 years old.

I was sooooo proud of her and she seemed to be proud of herself. Honestly, I don’t think running would be natural to her if not because she sees me running so much and that big sister goes out to run with me on weekends. The peer effect and the context (as if running is what people does, like the most normal thing to do) lead to her easy transition into “running”. I can’t wait to do that more with her. She already asked me to do again the next day but today I had to take Sofia for golf lesson, so we will resume to our morning jog tomorrow.


work went well. Meal yesterday was less stellar. Breakfast was monkey oatmeal which I found too sweet (a lot of chocolate and peanut butter) so i save it for the girls for dessert, and I ate my usual oatmeal. Lunch was tofu kutsu with brown rice. It was tasty and filling but I left wanting some fresh vegetables.

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snack was truffle potato gratin which I found it too salty and rich so passed it to husband. Dinner was soft taco with cauliflower, again passed it to husband.

I am still glad to trying this out though, it makes me excited to see what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner, the surprise effect. I always have the option to eat other things because husband eats everything that I don’t eat, so no food gets wasted.

something weird happened last night. Usually after reading for 1-2 hrs, I get sleepy and go to bed before 9pm. I was still full awake yesterday by 9pm. When I finally went to sleep, I was still not sleepy and half slept most of the night with so many dreams. I woke up 6am this morning, an hour later than usual, but still don’t feel I’ve slept. It turned out hubby also didn’t sleep well last night, maybe it’s the weather? who knows. It just happens and no need to over analyze it.

One thought on “New runner in the family

  1. Yay Lizzy!! That’s so great!! Sounds like so much fun. I wish I could work out like that more with the boys but I just feel like our schedules don’t really allow for it the best right now with them back in in person school.

    Sorry you had a bad night of sleep too. I don’t really care that much if/ when it happens, but I get annoyed if it happens on a night that I SPECIFICALLY plan or try to get extra sleep…like if I go to bed extra early and am excited to get extra sleep, or have something coming up I want to be rested for, and then I can’t sleep!! It’s like, seriously?!?! Come on! Haha. I find it very frustrating because then I know I will feel tired the next day instead of great like I was hoping to…. I also tend to find myself thinking about all sorts of worries/ bad things/ etc when I’m awake like that in the night which also annoys me. I try to just still my mind or think about nothing/ almost meditate until I fall back to sleep, but it doesn’t always work.


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