Protect my time

Yesterday I clicked all the to-do list: golf lesson with Sofia while I walked around the field (still resting my elbow injury), took monthly pic of the girls, worked, and took 3 girls to soccer play. They had an absolute blast doing soccer together!!! What a fun activity. I worked 99% of the time while I was there but I catch few nice passes. Sofia said that her coach said he did better than last week! Encouragement from non-mom figures is so important

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed at work lately as something new landed to my plate. Remember I was diving into Climate Change? well, fortunately that’s done for now although I’ll continue but less intensely so. Then plastic came and it is clear that I was asked to be involved again. I have a bigger task awaiting for me so I reached out to my manager to ask for advise. He called and he assured that it’s great that teams keep demanding my work, yet, he will help me to say no. WE NEED TO PROTECT YOUR TIME for the bigger task. We cannot let everyone who wants a piece of you have you. Isn’t wonderful to hear that? I was instantly relieved. It was funny that we had this conversation while I was at the soccer play. When we finished, he said go back to your daughter now. Thank you.

I am so grateful to have good managers, who helps me to respect my boundaries, and “use” me strategically.

Meal delivery was oat waffle with banana and hazelnut spread, two pieces like this, very filling.

Fullsizeoutput 13e2b

lunch was palm heart cake, roasted veggies and rice. tasty and filling but lacked freshness and volume in veggie department

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I was famished when I got home after soccer with the girls. Meal delivery was a bean chilli, definitely not enough so I had pan friend dumplings, vegetables, and a vegan cheese sandwich.

Then we did our new evening routine: I read something light while both girls did homework (kumon for Lizzy, kumon and mandarin for Sofia). After they went to sleep (8pm), I read for another hour that requires focus. I find this mix of books allows me to pause often to check on the girls, respond them attentively, not annoyed by interruptions. And then I can still have another hour to read alone.

3 thoughts on “Protect my time

  1. Glad soccer is going well!! It really is a fun sport I think for many kids. Sofia will be a natural since she already is strong and used to running a lot! What does your husband usually do in the evenings while you read? I always feel torn at night between wanting time to read and feeling that I want to watch a show or should spend time with my husband! My kids are older though now also and don’t go to bed as early anymore… so there’s that, too! Haha.


    1. glad usually come to sit with me and watch the girls doing their homework, we chat a bit, maybe 10-15 min, and he goes to do his own things. I used to feel bad not to spend more solo time with husband in a daily basis but I came to conclude that girls need me more (as I am working in the office the whole day) and husband and I can find space for longer chunk of time in weekends.


  2. Your manager sounds amazing. Mine tries to protect my time but he fails at it unfortunately! He is even worse at protecting his own time. He works really long hours, sends emails at nights and weekends so it’s actually the reverse – me and my teammates tell him to take care of himself given he already has poor health. Funny sometimes how life works.


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