Torn heart at dentist office

I took Lizzy to dentist yesterday to fix one of her big cavities. I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary so I worked while I waited for her. An hour later I was called to go to the room. First, I saw something in her nose, an oxygen mask, to facilitate her breathing as she had a long procedure. Then the doctor showed me her tooth that was still bleeding on the side. Doctor said it was a big cavity and deep, and she was bleeding a lot. OH MY GOD! poor thing. And that I should be watching out the next few days if the teeth moves or has pain, then we might need to extract it.

My heart torn so badly. I hugged her all the way home. She was still numb when we left so she didn’t complain. I was so proud of how brave she was, no fuss no cry for an hour operation, thanks to Papa pig. I know how uncomfortable even for me to go through it, and for an almost 5 years old little girl? it must be so hard.

She couldn’t eat dinner as she was still numb so I made her favorite watermelon juice and then some yogurt. 1.5 hrs later she started to complain about the pain, my heart torn again. I gave her tylenol as directed by the doctor, but the effect didn’t kick in for a while. I didn’t know what to do, how to ease her pain, but to hug her. Husband had the great idea to let her watch some cartoon, oh yes please, so she watched for a while. I was afraid that she might wake up in the middle of the time with the pain, so I let her sleep with me, she was super happy.

By the time we went to bed, she was not complaining anymore, we hugged and both fell asleep quickly

I know it’s nothing major, just a dentist appointment. But I haven’t felt this way for a long time. I know how lucky we are to have two healthy girls so I don’t get to experience this basic worry that other families do experience. Even husband couldn’t get why I felt so bad last night. I guess that’s the difference between mother nature and rational father.

Happy to report that Lizzy didn’t get up, and i’ll take her for a quick check up this morning just to make sure everything is fine. The worry mom needs to be assured.

2 thoughts on “Torn heart at dentist office

  1. Awww, I totally know what you mean. I’m a nurse and I have still sent my husband to take my boys to get vaccines in the past because I don’t like seeing them in pain! haha!! Glad she is doing better…tough girl! I hate dental work of any kind too- the worst!!


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