Another trip, relief and weekend plans

Friday was busier than expected. My morning pages said: i’ll take it easy and finish my readings. Yet, I left office 3:30pm feeling exhausted.

Two good news:

  1. We are going back to El Nido in April! that has been our favorite beach so far, true paradise. We knew we’d go back but didn’t know so soon. A local friend is organising it and invited all. We are super thrilled! We’d be just back from Coron in early April, and depart again for El Nido 8 days later. Back to back vacation? why not! 😆 And this time with good friends, probably one of the few friends that i’ll keep after my assignment here.
  2. Job assignment for next year (starting July) came out. I was happy to see that a big project that I’ve been preparing for a while came to me, while other projects that I could be leading too but was less enthusiastic about. What I found the experience interesting is perception. If I didn’t know what happened behind the scene how those assignment were made, I’d feel defeated for not getting more project, I’d be wondering if I wasn’t good enough, and would kill myself to prove them otherwise. Knowing that the reason I didn’t get those other projects is because they want me to focus the most importantly task, that it was deliberate protection of my time and sanity, I was grateful and relief.

5 days of meal delivery ended yesterday. Breakfast was this yummy chia pudding with tropical fruits. Snack was these oat maca peanut balls.

Fullsizeoutput 13e2f

lunch was this buddha bowl, and dinner was jambalaya rice that husband had it for lunch.

Fullsizeoutput 13e2e

Overall, I am glad I tried it as it gave me chance to try different food that I wouldn’t otherwise. Things that I like the most and plan to do myself going forward were the chia pudding, the oat energy ball, and giant oat pancake. The meals were tasty but a bit greasy and salty for my taste, and definitely lacked fresh vegetable department. So I’ll continue to search my perfect lunch combo, something that I can pack to work that I’d be excited to eat.

Weekend plan = almost no plan plan


  • jogging with the girls
  • errands
  • manicure
  • pizza for the girls
  • finish the book I’m reading
  • movie night?


  • long run (9-12 miles)
  • long bath
  • golf with Sofia
  • reading afternoon
  • bake new loafs of bread
  • make a new recipe

2 thoughts on “Another trip, relief and weekend plans

  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend!! Enjoy. I have to catch up on some work since I was super busy this week and just didn’t get enough work hours in. 😦 It’s okay though- I’m glad to have an open weekend otherwise, so I should be able to fit in some work and still a good amount of fun/relaxation!


  2. Nice to see your meal service. Although your reviews were not raving, the pictures of the meals look great. Sometimes a temporary change gives a boost, right?
    Soooo jealous of your Palawin trips planned! I’ve never been because the options to get there were very limited when I was growing up. It’s definitely on my bucket list next time we are there. Looking forward to read your experience of both!


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