Relaxing weekend: school visit, crafts, reading

On Saturday husband took Lizzy for a school visit, first time since the pandemic, so over a year ago. It was meant to be for new students to tour the campus, but given how much Lizzy misses school, she got to visit too. The noise busy campus is quiet and sad. Yet Lizzy liked to be there

IMG 2598

we also draw a selfie in her classroom.

IMG 2596

It makes sad to see my baby sad, for wanting to be at school but can’t. How much this pandemic has affected children, it’s marking in their life as an unusual episodes to say the least.

I spent at home with Sofia, she did homework, and I read. Very lazy day.

Sunday started with solo run that ended with run/bike with Sofia, followed by a long bath with epson salt. Then Sofia went to golf with daddy and I stayed at home with Lizzy. We are trying to minimise outing these days as COVID cases are skyrocketing in the Philippines, very worrisome, probably caused by the high transmission power of the variant. We are trying to limit contact with others for the next two weeks until our Coron trip.

Lizzy and I made chocolate pancakes

she made play dough ice cream


and soon the family came back and lunch was served. I made the change your life chicken

Fullsizeoutput 13e37

they absolute loved it. Husband especially loved the vegetables. For me I made a spinach quiche topped with vegan cheese, super yum too.

Fullsizeoutput 13e36

we played cards after lunch, some quiet time for the girls while I read and husband assembled the new scooters that got delivered


after Sofia’s piano theory lesson, we spent the afternoon around the table where she did some STEAM experiment while I continued with my reading.


I loved how relaxing the whole weekend was. I got to finish 2.5 books, two of them are rather short (220 pages), truly favorite kind of weekend. Oh, I also got to watch I care a lot, kind of regretted as it would be 1.5 hrs more reading otherwise.

Half energised to get back to work mode, half because I already feel needing a break at the bench! Fortunately, it’s in the near horizon.

One thought on “Relaxing weekend: school visit, crafts, reading

  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend! I bet Lizzy was so excited to get to go back to school, even just for a little while. Have they said yet when/ how the kids will ever get back to in person there? Are there any plans on the horizon for that? Maybe not though, since you said cases are spiking.. 😦 Jealous of all your reading time!! I never really seem to find big huge chunks of time like that for reading…oh well. I’m at least doing a lot more reading than I ever used to. Scooters look fun! Good job husband. Haha!


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