Last night we took the girls out for evening scootering. I got the feeling that opportunities like this will be closed for a while again given the spike of COVID cases in the Philippines. It is sad to know that after more than a year since the country went to lockdown, we are back to square zero and there is not a clear path going forward.

Yet, we all grew a lot last year, surviving the pandemic led us thriving our ordinary life. So I am not too worried our life prospects, we’ve endured the worse or we know that we could endure worse as long as we have the right attitude.

I like this quote from The Daily Stoic, very appropriate for the ocassion

Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift. That is why it is called present. This present is in our possession but it has an expiration date, a quickly approaching one. If you enjoy all of it, it will be enough. It can last a whole lifetime. 

For this week, I’ve changed to a lunch/salad meal delivery plan. Yesterday’s had greens, cucumber, peach, tofu and a balsamic dressing. The serving size was more like an appetizer so I had spinach pie leftover as main.


while Sofia did homework, Lizzy had snack while we chatted. I asked her what was the best part of her day. She said NOW (meaning, the time we spend together as a family). So sweet.

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One thought on “Present

  1. Oh no… The annoying thing about the Philippine lockdown is that kids have not been in in-person school for a year now right? That’s really not good for them. Nice answer from Lizzy. These are the moments that matter!


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