Riding the roller coaster

The last two days were like riding a roller coaster. I mentioned that COVID cases have been spiking in the Philippines. I was expecting some stricter rules. After our Monday evening walk, the next day I woke up with the news that kids are not allowed to go out. WHAT the heck? what’s wrong with this government that hates kids so much!!! I was sad, mad, frustrated, lost! I was even debating if Sofia could continue her soccer practice to be extra cautious. And then voila, the government locked kids up, so I didn’t have to decide.

Few hours later, new announcement, the local government issued rules saying kids CAN go out for essential activities like doctor, buying school supplies and exercise.

What a relief.

Basically no change from before, just reinforce what has been the rule for months now.

I made my mind to let Sofia continue to practice soccer, her only activity with other kids. She’d wear double masks, and her friends riding with us need to be with the mask all the time.

What a tough decision for parents to balance mental health of their kids and risks. Hardest decision ever!

Then the following day (yesterday), I woke up with another bomb. News came out saying kids are not allowed to travel domestically. WHAT??? What’s wrong with these crazy people? Our building social chat group went viral, everyone was angry, furious, as many had school break travel plans. My colleague friends also got mad and lost.

I reached to my government friend whose high level official, 2 hrs later, he confirmed that it was not the case. The person later came out in the news to correct his earlier statement.

Crisis reverted again, but I wasted my whole morning spinning my mind.

Domestic travel is the only thing we are looking forward to, to keep our sanity and have a feeling of normalcy. Can’t imagine if we are even deprived of that.

Finger crossed no more crazy news until we travel in 10 days.

Salad delivery has been good. I like eating something fresh everything. This one that has baked falafel is extra good. I plan to order just that for next week and prepare my own salads.

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2 thoughts on “Riding the roller coaster

  1. Ugh that’s so frustrating!!! It feels like a big step backward- over a year later!! I really hope things turn around over there for you guys. Crossing my fingers your trip won’t be affected either, and that Sofia can keep playing soccer. Keeping the kids locked up this long is just NOT GOOD!! 😦


  2. Haha now you know I left the Philippines. Too much chaos (esp on the gov’t side) for me. Crossing fingers that you get to take your trip! If it makes you feel any better we have not traveled by air for more than a year already, and spent the last 5 months only staying at home, going to the supermarket, or only essential trips like getting tested for Covid. I did book a Disney Paris trip for June that I am expecting to be cancelled too… 😦 Hang in there!


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