Reflections of the week

So glad that this crazy week is ending. It has been an emotional week and we ended up with a “high” note, 7000 daily cases, peak since the start of the pandemic. We are back to square zero without any progress, millions of hungry people, job loss, and dim prospect. In a country where people are just simply kind and grateful, I feel the rage about the pandemic and some of politicians. I try to do my part helping those that are good, but sometimes I feel powerless to do more for more.

One day, I wore a new dress that I bought a while ago and never tried it. It fit me perfectly so I took a picture and sent it to my mom. She liked it too and asked me if it was expensive. I told her it was less than 10 usd, she couldn’t believe it, i couldn’t believe it. Then it made me wonder, isn’t it crazy how much money I used to spend on clothing? Seeing how many are poor and worried about providing food to their kids, I felt guilty for the vanity related overspending.


Friday was international day at girls school, they wore the same chinese dress they wore last year. They still fit but very tight. How fast they grow. Also, teacher asked me for a picture of the girls for school international day album. I realised that I had so many more pictures of Lizzy than Sofia. Sofia is a big girl and Lizzy is still the family baby that everyone finds her super cute so I am constantly capturing her cuteness. Yet, I know Sofia will grow out fast too, so it was a good reminder than i want to remember this stage of her.

Given how busy I was this week at work, I often come home late. Husband was kind enough to take care of the girls, and never complained for my long hours and zero attention paid to him. As I reflected on this, I thought that maybe because he is a cat lover and had two cats for few years when he was in Canada. Cat lovers leave their cat alone without demanding their attention. They are happy when cat gives/shows some attention but wouldn’t complain if not. hahahaha… what a realisation.

Weekend plan:

  • hiking adventure with friends. outdoor activity, masked, and my friends just got negative covid test. Alone outing with husband.
  • make some new recipes. I was at the dentist office and was watching a CNN documentary Finding Italy. It made me crave some italian dishes.
  • read (what a surprise). I think I might surpass 10 books this month. I know, totally inconsistent with how busy I am, yet, reading is what I need when I’m stressed out.
  • organise girls room. A total mess.

One thought on “Reflections of the week

  1. Love the cat analogy!! Hahaha I have said that to my husband before too- maybe I am cat! I am fairly antisocial many times and he doesn’t always understand. Girls look so cute in their dresses. And so sorry the pandemic is still so bad there. It has to feel SO frustrating to be at higher than ever numbers a whole year after this all started… I feel so sorry for all of the people struggling, as you said.


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