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we had another good and fun day at home. It started not that fun with a dentist appointment for me but I was glad to get it out of my way early on the day. Then I semi-worked in the morning and made a veggie centred lunch for the family. Bibimbap with loads of vegetables. I prepared separately mushrooms, zucchini, carrot, cucumber and bean sprouts, then top it with fried eggs for the family and pan fried tofu for me, paired with the spicy sauce. Girls left out spicy sauce and enjoyed the rest.

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I love the idea of it so much that I bought the original korean stone bowl! Such a fun meal and full of veggies. I joked with husband that daily intake of vegetables should be 1lb or more, we’ve doubled that amount in one meal

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I spent the afternoon educating myself about vaccines. I know.. quite late into the game but now that vaccination started in the Philippines, I am looking into different brands. I am not sure when we will get it… I guess eventually… let’s hope soon. Both the government and the private sector is panic buying, couple with only 50% of the surveyed adult population wiling to be vaccinated, we are not priority list people might get bumped to the cue, finger crossed.

Lizzy got a full set of papa pig family, she loves it and played with them the whole afternoon. It’s quite cute, I like mama pig because she’s reading. lizzy kept reminding me to sleep with her at night. Sofia on the other hand had a friend over for playdate. We are creating a little bubble in our building with two other families for play dates, which is life saver for the girls, for some normalcy.


Girls are already sleeping in separate rooms lately but I’ve let them sleep together on weekends when they don’t need to get up on time for school. Last night, Lizzy came with her piggies and ready to negotiate with me. She started: you know mom, now that we don’t have school this week, we don’t need to get up early either, just like our usual weekends. I said, yes baby (already knowing what she’d say next). Lizzy: then can we sleep together this week every day?

I love when girls come up with well thought argument to change the rules. I immediately said: you are right, you can sleep together.

She went so happy to give the news to Sofia.


One sad news: I won’t be able to ship books from amazon from the US for free. I know sad. But I already have an alternative solution in the making! Nobody can deprive me from my beloved books! 😆 hehe..

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