Insightful documentary

We started our day with jogging around the garden after my morning jog. I love seeing them getting used to start the day with movements.


then I took a bath with epson salt with lavender scent, face and hair mask, and read a chapter of this mind blowing book. I didn’t want to get out of the bath as I was slowly falling asleep. I had to take few minutes of cold shower to wake up again.

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when I came out I found the family was playing monopoly at 9am 😆 This feels soooooo staycation like. Wonderful! Later, they did homework while I worked. Then they went to the pool for an hour before lunch.

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I made the japanese ketchup noodle with sausage and veggies, a totally kid loving dish. They both loved it. Husband had another bibimbap

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and I had a big salad. After a week of meal delivery salad and the hot weather these days, a fresh crispy salad is all I want .


I had three meetings in the PM, girls took nap and then they had a zoom soccer practice. After dinner, we watched the documentary. I’ve heard great reviews about it but haven’t made myself wanting to watch it yet. I am not a big animal lover but yesterday I thought about it again and invited the girls to watch it with me. It was mind blowing!!!! It is sooooo well done and so insightful. When we finished, we were really really sad. There is a scene where the pyjama shark is trying to catch the octopus and she managed to get on the back of the shark avoiding death. Sofia said: lesson here is that when one is in danger, don’t panic but think. Wooo! I didn’t see that coming and I was too immerse in the scene than processed the takeaway. Then closer to the end of the documentary, the octopus basically gave life to her children. Sofia once again said: mothers are so great, they sacrifice their life to for their children.

As I laid on bed, I couldn’t shake up the sadness. It reminded me of my dad for some reason. Human to human, human to animal, as long as we feel the connection and be together regularly, no matter if it’s 1 year, 10 years or 30 years, we still can’t accept letting go of the other. Also, the documentary made me appreciate every animal on the planet, especially those on the wild. Life out there is soooooo hard, danger everywhere and one needs to feed, shelter while survive from predators. We, humans, are just so lucky to not have to worry about these basic needs in a daily basis. What we worry about is so insignificant compared to those wild animals, that no matter how small, they are also living creatures.

I highly recommend everyone to watch it, with kids if possible, so many lessons and insights from it.

One thought on “Insightful documentary

  1. Sounds like a really interesting documentary! Writing that down to watch with the kids. My oldest especially likes animal stuff like that- he really likes those reality type shows about the veterinarians that take in and help exotic animals, etc. Not sure if they have on Netflix or not (I think he watches on regular tv) but Sofia would probably like those too.


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