Easter lunch

We did one thing and one thing only yesterday, which is host a easter lunch to my colleague friend’s family. Everything is closed during the holy week, coupled with the lockdown, the city is deserted and we are locked at home instead of the paradise beach. I was determined to make it good so invited our friends over for lunch the day before. The girls love to play with their kids, we went to vacation together, so it was a casual get together.

After watching the documentary, I went to the rather cold pool at 6am for 20 min. I had a mild headache and it went away with the cold. Got to do that more. It is so quiet to be alone in the water, it is like a moving meditation practice.

Then I had a walking meeting with a colleague, it was a good chat.

Once I got home, I started to prep lunch. I had scallion dumplings and baked falafel in the freezer so they came handy for appetisers. For the main dish, I made chicken with tons of vegetables, and a salad.

At noon, they arrived and we started our 3 hrs long lunch with a lot of interesting topics including what is holy week as they are catholic. After the meal, we lingered on the table with coffee, cookies, chocolate, and fruits.

By the time they left, we were all quiet tired, so we all took a nap while our helper cleaned up. How lucky I don’t have to do the post-party clean up!

After my short nap, it was 5pm already, I browsed through movie and picked The Father, an oscar nominated film. That was our evening, a rather worrisome and depressing movie about getting old and the family love.

The day ended up too promptly, I felt that we did nothing but the lunch, which is a sign that we had good time, right? 🙂

One thought on “Easter lunch

  1. Yay, I’m glad you could still celebrate even with all of the lockdown stuff going on. I agree too that swimming always feels so refreshing. I don’t do it much because I dread having to get my suit on, get in the cold water, etc hahahaha. But it does always feel refreshing and invigorating.


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