March books and more movies

I can’t believe we are in April already. Honestly, I didn’t think we’d be in this situation in April, locked at home, living the pandemic life. Even at the start of March, the prospects were so different than now. Yesterday we hit a new high in term of daily cases (15k), so prospects? vaccination seems to be the only solution.

I was organising March read books and realised it was a big month for reading, 10 books. I honestly don’t know how I found time to read as I was quite busy at work. Maybe reading is like running, the more stress I am, the more I read and run.

Won’t do the full review this month as they were only few good ones

Daily Stoic (4/5): this is supposed to be read one page per day for a year to learn about stoic life. But I couldn’t help myself to read one month per day as it’s grouped in themes. It takes my thinking bigger and more noble way to live, and stop focusing on small and things that are beyond my control. I plan to re-read it one page a day going forward to remind many of its concepts.

Leave the world behind (4/5): this book has been highly reviewed and discussed. I was really intrigued when I started and it did not disappoint. It touches many big concepts like racism, our addition to gadgets, emails, feeling important as being needed by insignificant people, family, and our reaction to uncertainty. The best of the book is that it doesn’t have an ending nor it explains what happened, so it keeps the reader wondering and allow everyone to interpret differently.

Think Again (4/5): I really like Adam Grant, his podcast, his interviews, and I listened many interviews about his new book. the book does offer many new insights of the way we, teams, companies could re-think what we thought it’s the truth, which help us to grow. Yet, i didn’t give it a 5 as I found the organisation of the book or the story telling part could be better. Another book that I might re-read.

Save Me the Plums (3/5): I like memoirs and this one is quite entertaining. The plot has many twists like a movie so I finish it in few days.

Our day started with 6 miles run for me following by 25 min pilates, which left me tired by 8am. I read with feet up for half hour while Lizzy did her kumon workbook, with her peppa pigs obviously


after I gathered some energy, I made dates buns filled with aduki beans, using up pantry items (that’s my secret challenge lately!). over two dozens of these later, family came back from swim and we had leftovers for lunch

Fullsizeoutput 13f1b

The heat of Manila summer gives me general discomfort and mild headache even in AC environment, so hubby and I took a nap and. Then I watched Minari, oscar nominee best picture. I am slowly catching up with some movies, so far Liked the October Teacher the best.

Girls went back to the pool before dinner and I made single serving thai curry ramen with tons of vegetables for myself. It reminded me of graduate student life when I cooked 3 meals a day for myself, as an outlet for the research related stress. Now living with the family, I rarely cook for myself, so it was actually nice to make something special without having to think if the family would like it, or what modifications I need to make to please them. Maybe I should do more. as part of self care.

Fullsizeoutput 13f15

After dinner, girls and I watched another Oscar Nominee, over the moon. It was surprisingly nicely made, a chinese story with the western twist. There is a sad part where the girl’s mom passed away and girl really misses her mom. I asked Lizzy if she’d like a stepmom if I die. She said no, and that she’ll put a picture of me on the dining table, and put vegetables in front for my spirit to enjoy it (we do this for my dad now). It made me laugh so much. We all enjoyed the movie and went to bed right after.

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