Easter brunch and egg hunting

Last two days of easter break was fun and relaxing. Saturday started with morning jog for the girls while I walked, then I dipped into the cold pool for half hour which felt great! I love the first few minutes in the pool when I feel cold. After that, I just enjoy the water. The only downside of swimming is the goggle mark I get, but totally worth it.

Then the girls did their homework while I made scallion pancake for the family breakfast rotation. Before noon, they went to the pool (so lucky to have the pool opened), while i read a chapter of a book. Lunch was leftovers roasted vegetables with soft boil eggs. The girls love soft boiled eggs, they had three days in a row and still ask for it. I wonder why I never made them.

Quiet time was glorious, we all took a nap, perfect escape from the heat. Then I watched the movie Chef, heart warming movie about doing one’s passion, family, and friendship. Girls did some drawing, I love this one by Lizzy. She’s getting better with color mix and details.


Girls watched few episodes of Modern Family and I started a new book, Becoming. IT’s SOOOOOO good. I couldn’t put it down. I am already 1/3 way through in 24 hrs.

Sunday started with egg hunting at one of Sofia’s friend’s house. The original idea was to do the egg hunting in the garden but security told them it was not allowed. So the dads re-placed dozens of eggs in their apartment and we went there. Girls had a lot of fun finding them while I chatted with the dad. They just moved to Manila few months ago, and both parents are avid runners and go out for trail run. I was excited to meet them and join them for the run when lockdown is lifted.

Right after we went to another friend’s house for brunch, the same family that came to ours for lunch on Thursday. It was a simple breakfast and we enjoyed the chat. Life during lockdown can felt normal and nice too if we put an effort and right mindset to it.


we got home 11am, Sofia practiced piano while Lizzy did her math homework. Around noon they went to the pool while husband and i took a nap. Napping should be a requirement for any vacation! hehehe…. Then i spent the afternoon reading

At 4:30pm girls and i had a zoom meeting with my mom and my auntie. It was nice to see them together, girls show them newly hunted eggs and toys. 1.5 hrs later, I prepared quick dinner for them (sweet potato with tomatoes) while they finished colouring. New drawing is meant to be placed on my door πŸ™‚


Our lockdown has been extended for another week which I expected as cases are not going down. Girls school resume today and I’ll go back to office. The last week at home did feel like a break and I am glad that we made it a good one, with lots of good homemade food, reading, games, and social time with friends in our building.

One thought on “Easter brunch and egg hunting

  1. Way to go dads- way to save the day and redo the egg hunt! Hahaha!! Looks like a really great day! And man, you have some LONG eyelashes in that drawing!! πŸ˜‰ Are they really long in real life, or did she take creative liberty? πŸ™‚ so cute!


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