WFH day 1

Day 1 of enhanced community quarantine and round 2 of work from home went VERY WELL. With the mindset change, i embraced more time at home with the girls. We weren’t sure if kids can go outdoor for exercise but we went anyway. Fortunately no one turned us around, Lizzy and I had a good 30 min walk to start the day. Later I heard from other families that they were turned around by guards. Oh well. we got lucky.


Girls did homework while I worked, and then they had a easter crafting class making slime.


Quiet time in the afternoon felt like weekend. Both girls took a nap. When they got up, we did crafting together for a while before dinner and continued after dinner.

I was camped with Lizzy for her crafting projects and I had fun helping her. Why is crafting so fun for kids? I think the manual work and the feeling of accomplishing something through “work” is what makes it special.

I also finished the series The Sinner, not because it’s extraordinary but because I wanted to feel the benefit of work from home, hehehe…. our boss even sent us an email saying please take it easy this week and enjoy the easter.

Covid cases passed 10k mark yesterday, so we can expect this lockdown to last for a while. We are prepared though. Pool is still open, I can still run, we have enough food and family time together, let’s make it a staycation! 😀

One thought on “WFH day 1

  1. You have such a great attitude about it all!! I would be so disappointed to go back to square 1, but I suppose you might as well have a good attitude since being crabby about it won’t change it anyway! lol!!! 🙂


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