Lovely weekend before the lockdown

As of this writing, monday morning, we are back to hard lockdown. Pool is closed, kids are not allowed to go out, we can only go out for doctor and essential goods. Yet, I’m not bothered anymore. We’ve been through this, we know how it is, we’ve survived it, we’ve learned our life lessons from it. We will be fine.

With this new mindset, we had a great weekend!!!

It started with Saturday morning family exercise session. I jogged with the girls while husband walked and took us videos. It was so fun! Then I made a green juice (kale, cucumber, bell pepper, lemon and apple), so refreshing. Seeing green makes me happy! 🙂


I had to work a bit in the morning but managed to cook a classic shanghai dish for lunch, it’s made with rice, bok choy and sausage, in rice cooker. Super simple and comforting, it brings back memories from childhood. Everyone loved it except Lizzy who was having hard time finishing it. Husband compassionately told her: I didn’t like it when I was kid either, you will like it later. How weird that our taste buds could be hereditary.

Fullsizeoutput 13eb3

Girls went to my colleague friend’s house for playdate and I joined them around dinner time. I was dealing with headache, so I appreciated to be at a quiet time and I watched two episodes of The Sinner, to take my mind off from work and pandemic.

Sunday started with long run for me followed by scooter time with Sofia. Once home, she had her second breakfast, a rice cake with aduki beans, another classic shanghai dish, looks like chocolate but super yummy.


While Sofia practiced piano, I took Lizzy for some pool time with her friends (1 meter away just to be safe), while I chatted with mom friend. Everyone is quite frustrated but we agreed that as long as kids are happy, we can do this. Once home, I made her a mango/banana smoothie, and made myself a green smoothie (spinach, banana, cucumber, soy milk, spirulina and protein powder). I must say, I am not a big smoothie fan, I’d rather have green juice. I couldn’t finish it and gave it to husband. Later, while girls did homework, I read and finish Think Again


Lizzy was frustrated given the amount of pages she had to do. But after some encouragement she finished them all rather quickly.


For lunch, I made the tiktok ramen. I was surprised how easy is to make and everyone loved it, definitely going to make again for a quick meal.

Fullsizeoutput 13ec9

also made another of old favorite japanese dish called okara, using pulp of soy milk, carrot, another kind of dry seaweed, and shiitake mushroom. Very simple and super filing.

Fullsizeoutput 13ec4

my plate: sautéed kale, sautéed sayote with onion and okara.

Fullsizeoutput 13ec1

during quiet time, husband and I had solo time while I continued watching the sinner.  Then Sofia made a chocolate cookie, we did yoga for runners together

IMG 2803

and we went back to the pool, just before it closed until further notice.

It was a great weekend for me as I spent a lot of time with my family. We did a lot together, and really it is all that matters. Pandemic or not, as long as we are together, healthy, happy, enjoying everyday ordinary but wonderful things, we are good, for real.

Technically I am working Monday to Wednesday, but I’ll take it slow and do minimal so I can attend to the girls as they don’t have school this week. We will make it fun! 🙂

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