Coming out from D

I was conscious that I was quite depressed this week since the news. Gradually I’ve came out from it and feeling better everyday. Humans are naturally resilient, if we choose to let it works out its way. Yesterday we reached the new peak, almost 10k cases in one day, highest since the pandemic. Every one is getting scared and frustrated and government is lost what to do. Yet, life goes on and we control our actions to be healthy and social distancing.

Thursday evening I had to work up late. Girls left me a note before they went to bed, it brought me a big smile when I went to bed.

For the past two days I’ve had headache, maybe PMS related, maybe caused by too much simple carbs (stress reliever). Hopefully it subsides today. Maybe I’ll make a green juice.

Girls had their first easter crafting zoom class and they made a cute cupcake. They are excited for the sessions to come.

Plan for this weekend

  • Make one new recipe per day. (daily accomplishment!)
  • organise girls crafting/toys.
  • photo organisation
  • outdoor activities with the girls (jog/scooter/walk)
  • movie night

Nothing exciting but I am excited! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Coming out from D

  1. I really hope that the situation gets better there soon!!!! I can imagine that you really do feel depressed about it all. Just keep hanging in there. You have so many great built in coping mechanisms and your habits are strong. πŸ™‚ Those cupcakes are adorable!


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