Can’t make my mind

We started the day with 30 min jog. I listened to podcast as did Sofia. I found an old iPod shuffle and put story podcast episodes in it. Sofia loved it and could have run longer. I am really happy to be jogging with her. I found a park and we did circles so each can do our own pace while i can see her all the time.


I was shuffling between meetings the whole day until 3pm, when one of Sofia’s friend’s dad texted me to set up a playdate. When  COVID cases shoot up here two weeks ago, I cancelled all playdates to be cautious. But now I’m revisiting my thinking again. Maybe it’s because I am reading Think Again, or because I can relate to their frustration better these days, I wonder if the cost of not letting them play outweighs the benefit, and for how long we can continue to do this. Sofia’s friend came over 30 min later and they had a blast.

Yet, I wonder if I allow for this one playdate, should I allow for the next invitation? Is it a structural change or do I have to evaluate every time? I guess given the covid situation, I’ll have to evaluate every time, which is frustrating. It’s so much mental energy to have to balance the risks.

I asked Lizzy if COVID appears in front of you, what would you say?

Lizzy: pretend COVID is here, I’d tell it to go away, and I’ll punch it like this (fist punching).

Well done Lizzy, mommy is as frustrated as you.

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