One day at the time

The past two days were ok. Each day I feel better, not hopeful that things will go back to “normal” soon, but learning to be content with what we have. I am very grateful for my job and the responsibilities I’ve been given, to help others, which reminds me to be grateful. When millions are suffering from hunger and uncertainty about the future, we still have our comfortable home and job security, even the chance to feel good about what I do. I told myself “you have no right to be not content!”.

I also learned that a colleague suffered from depression early on into the pandemic. When he described to me what he felt, I knew I am not in that place, nowhere close. A clear sign of depression is lack of motivation to do anything. I’m still so motivated to do my job, to make girls life interesting and fun, to make new recipes, to read.

I enjoy taking walks with the girls, either before school starts or after dinner. I love that Lizzy asks me million questions. I love Sofia’s face when she embraces the evening breeze. I love all the kitties we see on the street and the kind people who come to provide them with food.

I see greatness around me. Colleagues that fight against the system to help others, not because it feels noble, but because it is the right thing to do.

I sign up for a easter crafting class for the girls, I bought more chalks so we can spend more time in the park, I am saving recipes to make with them, I am picking family movies to watch with them. We will make next week school break a fun one.

It is our choice how we want to feel about the situation.

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