Returning to Sofia favorite wheel

Yesterday we woke up fresh and rested. I woke up past 6am and the girls 8am. I wondered what could we do in a Saturday to make it feel like weekend and figured out that we could visit the Capital Wheel at National Harbor as a day trip. I used to take Sofia there every few months because the wheel is really the best of its kind. First we needed to figure out how to get there as we don’t have a car. Fortunately the DMV public transportation system is quite good and we figured we could take metro and then a bus to get there. It would take us 1 hrs 20 min or so but that’s part of the experience and adventure right?

We arrived there past 11am and it was already quite busy. We went to get the tickets right away and girls were jumping around to get on. Lizzy has tried wheel when we visited Vienna 2 years ago but none in America. We saw it first on the bus and she couldn’t believe how big it is.

We took so many pics the whole time and some nice lady asked hubby if he wanted to join. Sofia then told me: how nice are people in America. This observation has been a repeat almost in a daily basis, which I love.

It didn’t take us to go wait on the line to get on the wheel. Once inside we took pics in every angle. I was worried that LIzzy would be afraid of height, but she didn’t.

I found old pics (6 years ago) in the same spot and made some comparisons.

with and without LIzzy. Look how chubby was Sofia
how big she is now.
as in love as I was then
I didn’t have idea that I’d have Lizzy on the left.

After the wheel, we went to to the Carousel, Lizzy’s favorite. For 7 dollars, they could ride unlimited rides. So they rode like 6-7 times to make it worth it. In between rides, we had lunch (potbelly), then ice cream.

We left National Harbor almost 4pm. It was a lovely trip. I was so happy to be going back to the same favorite place as a family of 4. The area didn’t change much since we last visited. Girls asked me to come back before we go back to Manila.

For Sunday, we plan to visit Georgetown, some shopping and then playground time. I’ll meet with a friend who came to DC from Tunisia too, can’t wait!!!

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