Rain rain, go away

After the earthquake, things go back to “normal” meaning more heavy rain over the weekend. It seems that the world is making a fuss with us human as more natural disasters are happening at the same time intensely. Due to the rain, we stayed home most of the time over the weekend.

Saturday: I took Sofia to soccer in the middle of heavy rain. It was the last session for the month as kids are not allowed to go out, and indoor gym is closed again as new policy to fight against delta. Oh well…. I told Sofia to enjoy it while she can. After that, hubby and I went to groceries shopping, packed supermarket. Probably all stocking up to survive the storm.

Afternoon was low key, after my short nap, I read with the girls for 2 hrs. Lizzy does picture book and Sofia goes chapter books so quickly. It was the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon.

Sunday: more rain and golf lesson was cancelled, again due to new policies against kids going out. bummer. I managed to take a walk in between rains. It’s so nice to be out, even when it’s raining a bit. Meanwhile, the rest of the family watched various Olympic Games. Sofia and hubby are really into it, get very excited when China is playing. Me and Lizzy not so much.

After lunch, girls did catch up homework (not planned, another story), while I finished this book. It’s a depressing book about nations, how their history and institutions determine their fates in development. Depressing because it leaves little room for change, but put me in perspective on the reach of our work.

I am glad that I’m really into reading again. Opened up Netflix few times when I wanted to relax, and closed it 5 min later as it bores me. My only complain is that reading on the couch hurts my back after few hours…. oh well.. that’s called aging.

Saturday dinner at my colleague’s was cancelled (thankfully) due to flooding in many areas of manila so other guests also cancelled. Now given the delta spreading so fast, and that even vaccinated people could get sick, I’m not willing to risk it anytime soon. I will probably only meet with my favorite people for a while, those that worth risking.

Plan for the week:

  • work, but not as intense as last week
  • maybe we will go for a trip few days this weekend. still undecided as there’s no point going to the beach if rain continues
  • outdoor boxing? if rains go away
  • golf practice with husband
  • household errands

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