4:50am I was half asleep so does hubby. I felt dizzy and suddenly he said EARTHQUAKE! I woke up for good, scared and helpless. We live in the Philippines, experience of earthquake is not rare for the population, but it was my first time feeling it myself. I was lucky to be out on the road or our of country when previous strong earthquakes happened.

We came out to living room, the shake has stopped but we hear a noise from the building.

Few minutes later it stopped.

Few minutes later a smaller shake happened again and more noise.

Girls came out confused about the noise. We told them it is the building still moving to adjust to the shake.

They were not scared, thank God! I asked Sofia how do you know it’s earthquake, she said her bed was moving and her water bottle fell.

I asked her if she was scared, she said no as it was much smaller/less strong than the previous time when her toy was spinning on the floor.

Good for my strong and brave girls.

I was the most scared person in the room, lack of experience probably.

The last time I felt a earthquake I was on a business trip in Chile, in the middle of a dinner and something happened and the light went out for few seconds. It was memorable because I got a text from hubby few seconds later to check how I was doing, that was when I knew that was an earthquake. It was memorable because we were not together then and we were not even communicating with each other, and I was married to someone else. Oh well…. that might have been the start of a long process to get us where we are now. So I do have good memories of earthquake until today, when I really felt it and it was not fun.

This week was hectic preparing for the big meeting on July 30. I was so tired by Wed that I took Thursday off. I went to boxing, had a massage, and just relaxed a bit. I was planning to take Friday off too, but had to rush to the office to continue to work on the presentation with my big boss.

Hopefully it goes well and I can take two weeks off after that.

Girls meanwhile are having a blast. They do their homework, without too much reminder, and spend the whole afternoon playing with a new friend. I really like the family, active, open minded, and a bit different culture background and life style than all our other family friends. In the morning, Sofia goes jogging with them for 20 min while Lizzy and I take a walk. What a great way to start the day.

The dinner that I don’t want to go is tonight. I still haven’t made my mind about it, the host invited the family too so we might just stop by for a while and leave early. I am dragging more the late evening events than the event itself.

Other than that, I plan to just chill, relax, calm down after the earthquake scare, and hug my family even more. Being together, safe and healthy, is the only thing that matters!

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