Perfect Sunday

I had an absolutely fantastic Sunday! This past week since we returned from Puerto Gallera, I’ve been going to bed 8:30pm and usually fell asleep before 9am and wake up past 5am rested and refreshed. My sleep score has been consistently above 90! This puts me such a good mood for the day. Sunday I first went out for a run as I felt energetic, and then came back and finish my first 10k in almost 3 months with Sofia. She’s getting sooooo strong and into running, which makes me so happy. Being able to get back into running makes me happy, even more when I can do it with Sofia. We will start 7 weeks training plan together so she will be able to run 9km on her 9th birthday! What a great way to celebrate it, both of us are super excited.

When I started running this Thursday, my heart felt pumping so fast and my legs were sore the next day. I thought it would take me weeks to regain strengthen, but fortunately muscle memory works and I’m getting back to it fast. I don’t think I’ll do long distance for a while as I love doing strengthen workout now, so maybe just run few miles 4-5 times a week with 10k as longest distance to enjoy running with Sofia. Then I have energy to do 30 min strengthen training, and maybe 15-30 min of yoga in the evening. I love how yoga makes me feel mentally than physically, and a great way to end a way with calm.

I took a bath with lavender epson salt and did a face mask, so luxurious!!! Finally, I felt a bit hungry by 9am and wanted something fresh. As I mentioned before, since my return from US, oatmeal doesn’t seem appetizing for me in the morning. And as I haven’t been running, my appetite has been not there for breakfast most of the days, so I’ll usually have something light and fresh when I get hungry. But the 10km run gave me some appetite so I made a seaweed lettuce wrap that I’ve been loving lately as appetizer for lunch with a vegan tuna salad as center piece. yesterday I added kimchi for some kick. So good!

paired with two eggs

I spent the morning logging read and to-read books into goodreads so I can keep track of them and avoid buying them again in the future (happens more often than I’d admit). Daddy also made a video of Lizzy showing her family and our house for her school, and we helped them to prepare school materials.

For lunch I made girls favorite Hainan chicken rice, and radish cakes for me and hubby. Felt so full!!!

from 1-5:30pm I had a zoom call with my girlfriends in Shanghai. It has been over a year since we connected so it was nice to catch up with them. All these ladies I know for over 30 years. Amazing that we keep in touch with each other. Their life in Shanghai is very different than mine, as they feel burn out from work and worry about their children’s future, I feel extremely lucky to “not live in China”. hahah….

Before dinner I did 30 min pilates/yoga with the girls, only Sofia finished it with me while lizzy was just around making funny poses. Then quick dinner and the girls had their allocated time for TV while I called my mom. By 8pm, I was in bed with both girls doing massage to me, which relaxed me so much that I turned the light off after they left.

What a wonderful Sunday: good run, good food, doing something productive (school prep), and connect people I care about.

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