Never say never

I thought I’d never have a pet in this life. I told girls countless time that I will not allow pet at home because of so many reasons. Well…. I changed my mind in the past few months and we just adopted a street kitten yesterday.

Sofia loves animals, all kinds and really wants a cat so she can play with it when she’s alone. Lizzy likes animals but afraid of them at the same time. Husband likes both dogs and cats and I know he’d like one, although he’s the kind of person that when adopt a pet, will want to keep it until it dies, so the hesitancy for the decision.

Few months ago, we explored the idea of a pet when we saw a cat in our building that looks very friendly. We also play with it when we go out and in, even I was fond of it. Then we consulted with our landlord the possibility of having a pet and it was denied. Then we left to the US. Few weeks ago as we renewed our lease, the landlord is allowing us to have a pet. I told the family about the news few days ago and everybody got excited. We decided that if I find a kitten that we ALL like, we take it home.

Yesterday our way way back from our morning run when it started raining, Sofia and her friend saw a small kitten by the usual spot that we were checking everyday as there is a pregnant cat. Suddenly there were two kittens, one of them looks sick and the other one looks very cute. The moment I saw it, I liked it, felt like family. So we run back home quickly and asked daddy to go to check on it.

And there is it! we are a cat family!

the kitten is really small, probably 4-6 weeks old. Daddy went to vet to buy essentials, especially kitten food and litter. So far it has been smooth. He/she seems adapting well to our family, exploring and not afraid.

On another note, girls started online school. Lizzy entered K and Sofia 3rd grade. Lizzy’s BFF mom suggested we do learning pod, 3-4 kids doing class together with a tutor. I first thought we don’t need it as Lizzy has been quite independent doing class, although she doesn’t do all what teacher asks, as expected. But thinking about social skills, group activities, and the feeling of “going somewhere for school” made me re-think and decided to join them. Because we are in lockdown, the other kids cannot come to our building yet, so they started the two of them. it seems to going well. At least they look attentive and having fun during breaks and choice time.

The only thing that Lizzy complained is that it was long. Last year she had class until 12pm, this year until 2:30pm, quite a change, hope she adapts well.

Quite an eventful day. Meanwhile I am continue to enjoy my staycation. without lizzy house is rather quiet, so maybe I can work work from home next week? we will see. 🙂

One thought on “Never say never

  1. I’m behind on blog reading and trying to catch up, but what exciting news!! Glad you took him to the vet for check up.. someone I know got a stray kitty from a farm I think and it had parasites they had to treat, since he had been living in the street! So cute. The girls will love having a pet! I’ve never had cats but they are so cute when little especially.


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