Staycation has reached to the end. It has been my first time taking leave from work while staying at home. It went better than I thought as I felt freedom to do things that make me feel rested while also being with the girls more time. The key for successful staycation is reframe from checking work emails. I did super well for 90% of the time, only the last two days I checked email and responded to two critical ones. Nothing more. I find that as long as I don’t see them, my mental load is not piling up.

We took Cookie to Vet, confirmed it’s a she, 5 weeks old. We got a schedule for future check ups. So far she’s been doing well adapting to our family. Hungry all the time (which seems normal for a cat street according to vet), playful, not fearful to any of us, quiet at night, and does her business in the liter box from day 1. Good girl!

A bit scared at the vet

Girls school started and the learning pod seems to be working for Lizzy as she gets to do it with her BFF and very kind tutor. It was a bit long the first two days for her 8am-2:30pm four days a week and one day until 1:30pm, but her attention span is extending and more participative each day. It actually helps me to reduce MENTAL LOAD quite a lot as I don’t need to worry about whether she’s engaged, if she’s participative, whether she has everything. I don’t need to rely on the unreliable daddy anymore. hahaha…. the tutor fee is the best selfceare expense! 😆

Me staying at home means good lunches for the family. But that’s going to change next week. I’ll still try to work from home once a week, or come back for lunch when time allows to spend more time with them.

running outside is finally forbidden as we are under lockdown, fortunately we have our garden and pool area still open so I’ve been taking the girls to jog/swim every morning before school.

Lizzy was afraid of Cookie at first but slowly she’s feeling more comfortable playing with her.

I finished two books this week, one kind of romance, one about the 1996 Everest incidence. Now into a parenting book that is fascinating. Love my reading life 🙂

Today Saturday we have a lunch together with another family, and will prepare for next week tomorrow, hopefully a smooth transition for me too.

2 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. The learning pod seems like a great idea, under the circumstances. Totally agree it’s worth the money if you don’t have to worry about checking in all the time. So does the tutor do the actual teaching, like a private teacher, or just help monitor/assist with the virtual school lessons/make sure the girls stay on track, etc?


  2. the tutor helps with class activities, choice time activities, and ensure all materials are there and girls are attending to class, basically a facilitator who has teaching experience.

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