Back to office week

After two weeks off from work, it was a shock to my system to get back to work mode. By Tuesday I felt like Friday already. hahaha…. But it is nice to be back in action and the feeling of being productive and contributing to the society. The local pandemic situation is not improving so return to normalcy is not in the horizon, especially for the kids who will continue distance learning for the foreseeable future. I feel super bad for their missed opportunity to grow as a whole person, but we are making the effort to make the best out of it.

On Sunday afternoon Sofia made cookies.. they look yummy but turned out to be a bit dry. I also finished another book on parenting. It is super interesting, confirming my prior of how to raise independent, responsible kids, and the role of parents to support the process. Parenting is so hard and I often doubt myself if I’m doing it right, so a reminder of what I am doing well and not so well from time to time is needed.

Lizzy is loving her new school setting with her BFF and the tutor. She has a good routine and the teacher tells us how she’s doing everyday and sends us pics. She’s showed more interest in writing, participative in group classes, and even volunteered in PE.

Our new daily routine during the week:

5-5:30am: I wake up and slowly start the day

6-6:30am: girls wake up and prepare to go running

6:30-7am: I run with the girls around the garden (260 meter loop)

7-7:45am: girls shower and breakfast while I do strength training for 30 min and shower

7:45-8am: Lizzy goes to school (in our building, just another floor), Sofia gets ready, and I go to the office.

Sofia said the other day that it feels so accomplished already by 8am! That’s exactly what I want her to experience and form habit of. 😆

I might take Friday off or at least half day off as I am already tired, reflected on my late wakeup time the last two days. Need to catch up with some rest, plan lunch for Saturday as we have friends over. Then Sunday relax, hopefully a jog outside if lockdown ends this friday as originally planned. Finger crossed.

2 thoughts on “Back to office week

  1. So great to hear that Lizzy is doing well with her new setup. It’s been really tough for these kids who have been doing online school for so long now. It’s also great for the mental health of the parents. 🙂

    So jealous that you can exercise in the morning. I have tried it many times but I am just not built to do it then – I just feel tired and grumpy the whole day. If I exercise in the afternoon I feel great. Too bad because morning is a convenient time to do it.


  2. The boys and I were just talking and realized that this is now the THIRD school year that is affected by Covid already… (from March-June 2020, then the entire 2020-2021 school year, and now still not really back normally yet for 2021-2022 for so many kids.) You are fortunate to be able to provide that extra school opportunity for Lizzy, and I think that’s great. My boys start back next week. They will be in person, with masks on. I’m so glad they can go in person!!


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