Mom: your talent is back

My 2.5 days weekend went by so fast, good sign that I had fun and relaxed a lot. Friday afternoon was low-key, spent most of the afternoon reading (yeah! reading is my life now!).

Saturday was day 1 of MECQ (a slightly more relaxed lockdown). To us, the major difference is that I can legitimately run outside, so I did. I run 45 min, with the last second half of the run feeling my heart was pumping too fast (avg. 145 bpm). I was a bit disappointed but not surprised as I was out of running for 3 months. I reminded myself to be grateful that I can finally run pain free. When I got back to our building, Sofia already started her easy jog around the pool (kids still not allowed to go out). I walked while she finished the run. She’s getting stronger and more discipline each day.

Our morning was quite relaxed. The girls did kumon while I continued reading, until 10am or so.

then I started preparing lunch as we invited a family over. I made pork ribs bbq, shrimp with glass noodles, spicy and sour soup, and some vegetables. They brought Peking duck. It was a 3 hrs long lunch. Kids played after they finished, and adults lingered over the table with tea and chat.

when they left, I felt socializing exhausting or post party tiredness. The rest of the family went to the pool and I just relaxed and read.

Sunday was Sofia’s long run day. She had to do 5km. I wanted to do 10km. So I went out 6am solo first. Time flied by so fast, and I was cruising effortlessly. When I got the text from husband that Sofia was up, I went back to pick her up. We continued the run outside (testing the water to see if any police stopped us). I gave Sofia one AirPods and we listened to running music and then Taylor Swift. I was 50 min into running at the time, and felt more energetic than when I started. The music pumped my speed, Sofia had to ask me to slowdown quite a few times. At the end, Sofia did close to 6km, and I was closely to 10 miles. I felt 3 waves of energy and could have run longer. Sofia happily told me: mom, your talent is back! hahahaha….. Love this girl. I think running by her side motivated me even more.

She asked me the other day, who are strong famous women. I said Michelle Obama. Her response: how can she be strong if she’s the wife of Obama?

It made me thinking… the societal role of women as wife, like a plus one of men, gives the impression that we are not strong enough. In our family. I’m the main breadwinner and strong women, so that’s the ideal she has for strong women. I want her to know that it’s not always the case. We can be strong regardless of our professional role, but I wonder is it true? Questions to think more.

After my glorious run, I took a long shower. Hate half of gigantic watermelon…. truly best post run meal! Then I planned a bit in my journal while Lizzy built her house.

Our kitty was taking a nap. We are loving Cookie as part of the family. Each of us for different reasons. My main reason other than she’s super cute, she is a great company to the girls, is that she reminds me to just play/relax/be lazy. Life is good, let me take a nap! 😀

One thought on “Mom: your talent is back

  1. Wow, you got your endurance stamina back really fast!! That’s great!! I haven’t mentioned this yet on my blog yet, but Asher is going to join his school’s cross country team (practice starts tomorrow). He is not historically a huge fan of running….(he’s the swimmer, remember..) but all his friends are doing it and it’s his first ever “school sport” (starting middle school this week). They practice 2x/ week after school and will have some meets and stuff coming up! I’m excited for him to build some running stamina! I think the races for the meets are just maybe 2.5 miles or so? So not TOO far. Maybe I’ll have to run a little bit with him sometimes, although I just haven’t been able to get into running lately! Fall in Wisconsin is pretty great weather for running/walking, though, so who knows- maybe I’ll find it more fun again as the weather cools down. I’m so impressed with what Sofia can do!! That’s amazing.


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