After the euphoria experienced on Sunday run, I took Monday easy and had a great run on Tuesday. Then yesterday I woke up a bit tired despite 8 hrs sleep. I thought I was just tired for over-training and went out for a jog anyway. After 2 miles solo, I met with Sofia and her friends for an interval run. It went very well. Then I came home and picked up Lizzy for a little jog/walk. By the time I got back, I felt run down physically. Yet, again I thought I was just tired.

I went on with my day as usual. Had a 9am meeting at home, then had to go to the office as internet was bad in Sofia’s room so she needs my home office to do school. Fortunately I was done with the thinking work in 3 hrs and went back home for lunch.

After lunch, I felt chill, body ache, and headache intensified, the combination of symptoms that I always experience when I get a cold. Yet, with the covid cases everywhere, I can’t help but think is this Covid? I don’t think we’ve exposed to anybody with covid and we haven’t met with anyone new other than usual friends from our building.

Panic still set in as fever is confirmed. Not super high, but high enough to give me the headache and overall body ache. Husband googled what are the symptoms of delta variant.

Diarrhea: no

Lost of smell/taste: no

Dry cough: no

This gives me some peace of mind but still annoyed that I don’t feel 100%.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching Netflix (Chair). Joined the family for dinner, dumplings taste so good once my fever went down after Tylenol.

Then went to bed super early and fell asleep 8pm.

I slept super good last night.

This morning I woke up, fever is still there. Headache still there. Plus stuffed nose.

My energy level is a bit better.

I’ve scheduled telemedicine consult just in case if I need to get tested.

Meanwhile I’ll be working from home leisurely and watch more Netflix! 🙂

ps. I had to check when was the last time I got sick. It was right before we went to the US, similar symptom, gone in 24 hrs. Let’s hope this is the same.

One thought on “Sick

  1. I have told my husband, “I miss the days when we could just get sick and not have to stress out about if its covid/ quarantines/ etc.” Not that anyone ever wants to get sick, but in the past it was usually not really a big deal, just a minor irritation. Now it feels like a much bigger deal, especially if you have any covid symptoms (which is like, all colds and flus!). Hope you are feeling better!


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