Family decision framework

An hour after I posted yesterday, I felt 90% recovered from the cold/flu. Fever was gone, headache disappeared, and stuff noise improved 90%. Horay for a fast recovery (finger crossed!).

I worked more than planned yesterday and got an unexpected call from a colleague that I used to work. She’s now a hiring manager. The purpose of the call was she wanted to know if I’m ready to move on from my current position as she has a vacancy and thinks I am a strong candidate. After the call with her, my mind started spinning. It is a big decision for the family, so I had to make it thoughtfully. Not that I did the following with a framework in mind but seeing it afterward, it seems what I always do.

  1. Discussed with husband this offer. He seems open to it. It’s not our ideal next job but close to ideal.
  2. I reached out to my BFF in the US who knows my organization well and ask for advise.
  3. I reached out to a work friend who I trust and went through a similar process.
  4. After talking to them, evaluating pros and cons, I had a good idea what would be a good decision.
  5. I talked to the girls of potentially move back to the US. They are not super excited, mainly because they love their school here and would love to stay here for few more years. But they are also okay to move given that we will be living in our own house, and that we always can choose to go elsewhere after 2-3 years.
  6. I talked to husband again and made a decision.

Although we have a decision in mind, I couldn’t sleep well last night. Too many things to think, so many changes if this move really happens. But I think regardless the outcome of this process, it is a good start of the transition process for us, either to this job or elsewhere. I need to start thinking about the future beyond next month. 😆

Change is always uncertain. It’s easy to choose the comfort of what we have now which is certain, but experience taught me that if we don’t embrace the uncertain, we’d be missing out new opportunities and challenges. As long as we make such decisions as a family and stay as a family, we will be fine wherever it is.

One thought on “Family decision framework

  1. OMG!! What a crazy and exciting time! I can’t wait to see what you decide. I think your decision framework seems very smart. I am TERRIBLE at making big decisions…I just second guess everything, worry and play the “what if” game 100x. (Even though I know it’s much better to just think through it logically, make your decision and be content with whatever it was. It can be soooo hard for me!) I tend to think through every possible angle which can be overwhelming, and sometimes I get tripped up on small things that “feel” big or important, but maybe really aren’t in the long term. (For example, your girls’ school. I would probably stress a lot about pulling them out, if they liked it a lot. But in reality, they are young, adaptable and would probably like ANY school they attended just as well. After a couple months, they probably wouldn’t even think about it anymore. Not to mention there isn’t even in person school in Manila, and who knows when there will be, based on what you were saying the other day.)


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