COVID Day 4: confirmed

After a non symptom day on Thursday I woke up Friday feeling tired again, not exhausted nor fatigue, just low energy. Few hours later I had fever again (37.7), took a Tylenol and it went away two hrs later. Other than fever, the main symptom was nasal congestion and pressure. Otherwise appetite normal and sense of smell intact. That night I couldn’t fall asleep until midnight. Not sure if it’s COVID related or excitement about our next job assignment.

Today I woke up with little fever (37.3), congestion and some cough with mucus. I had scheduled a COVID test at home after we learned that our driver got sick and likely to be COVID.

I wasn’t in contact with him directly but indirectly as he came on Monday to take husband to buy few things. He was masked on and with face shield.

Husband doesn’t have any symptom but I am suspecting that he got it from our driver and passed it to me. or both of them got it at the market.

I got tested at 9am and didn’t get result until 4pm. Although my symptoms improved today, I was super anxious the whole time wanting to know if I had it or not.

Now it’s confirmed. We are isolating from the girls. Try not to be in the same room, be around them minimally and if needed with mask on both of us. They are scheduled to be tested on Monday.

I informed all the families that we interact with to be a responsible friend. We will be isolating ourselves at home for two weeks and get tested again before declare we are cured.

I hope my symptoms continue to be manageable and that the family don’t develop symptoms especially the girls.

COVID is really everywhere. I thought we were careful to the extend not to be too limiting, still I got it.

Will write this journey.

3 thoughts on “COVID Day 4: confirmed

  1. Oh no!! I was a little worried when you mentioned the fever, since I had just read something about how that is now considered the #1 symptom. But honestly when you think about it, it’s probably not that surprising… the virus is EVERYWHERE now… we were just talking about how many, many times over the years of our lives we have gotten sick with the flu, stomach bugs, other viruses… I mean, it happens, people get sick… So it’s not really surprising that eventually practically everyone will probably get this too, sooner or later… it’s just kind of the way viruses work… I’m just so grateful that the vaccine really seems to help keep it a mild case with much less symptoms. I hope you get better soon, and that your driver is okay! (Was he able to be vaccinated?)


  2. How scary. I had a fever two weeks ago and thankfully it was only a 24-36 hr thing and I felt so much better after 10 hrs of sleep. I haven’t been vaccinated due to possible complications so I worry that I will get it and I will get really sick but so far I have been safe. I hope neither your husband or the girls get it, but if they do I am sure that you guys are blessed to have access to the care needed to treat it. 💜


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