COVID Day 5: uneventful

I slept very well from 8-12am and then stayed awake for almost 2 hours before falling asleep in another room, and woke up at my usual time. Despite disrupted sleep, I felt rested in the morning. My energy level was up, I didn’t have any fever, nasal congestion improved.

I did 40 min easy Pilates workout to start my day. Felt normal, not breathless.

To start the day, I had two eggs and oranges as my friends tell me to up vitamins C and protein for fast recovery. I also took vitamins C supplement (1000mg). For lunch, we had milk fish soup. Not my favorite, but again for protein intake. I had a piece and husband finished the rest. I was joking with him that I’ll probably lose weight (due to lack of exercise) during these two weeks, and he’ll gain weight because he’s fueling so much for recovery. hahahah.

When I don’t exercise enough, my appetite is not there. When I am not stressed or anxious, I don’t usually snack. So for the next few days, I’ll just focus on getting fuel for my recovery: vitamin C, protein, greens, and whatever feels like right.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I had some coughing and took Vicks and improved right away. I took twice during the day when coughing came back. I also took twice the Chinese traditional medicine that has been found to be effective to accelerate recovery and help with the symptoms. I don’t think I have that much symptoms but to be on the cautious side, both hubby and I are taking it.

Throughout the day nasal congestion was much less than the day before. No more nasal pressure.

We watched a movie, the MULE, while the girls played by themselves. We wear mask around them but I think soon we will give up. If tomorrow’s the rest of family confirm they are positive too, then I can go back to hug them.

I feel like I’m getting back to my old self, needing a short nap in the PM, and feeling asleep around 8pm. Maybe it was caused by the job change excitement (another twist for another day), or it was anxiety caused by whether I have covid or not, but I couldn’t sleep well in the first two nights, but now I am back to my old schedule.

My oura ring is tracking my progress, all the stats are improving and converging to pre-covid average, I just hope it stays that way, even slowly. from everything I read, recovery usually happens from day 7-14, unless some people suddenly get worse.

After a lot of debating, I decided to tell my mom. First, I didn’t want to tell her to not worry her until we are over this. But then I realized that that means either the girls can’t FaceTime with their grandma (they FT almost daily) or I’ll ask them to lie. It’s not that I won’t ever ask them to lie, but this doesn’t seem to need an exception as I want them to know that it’s okay to tell not so good news to our family, and that we don’t hide anything to our family. So I called my mom, who knew that I was having a mild cold when we last talked on Saturday. She was first worried, but when she felt that I was just having a mild cold, and that the girls are asymptomatic, she relaxed.

I am super grateful to my husband during this process. He has been so supportive and calm. When I first got symptoms and thought about it might be COVID I asked him if he should be distancing himself from me just in case. He immediately said no need and spent a lot time with me, just for comfort, either eating together in the studio instead with the girls or watch a movie, or simply chat about our near future move to our dream city.

I am also grateful for my friends, one particular person that has been checking on me every day, despite being probably one of the busiest person in the country. In sickness, it’s when true friendship reveals.

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