COVID Day 6: puzzled

I woke up after a great night of sleep, those that I have been having pre-COVID. I checked my Oura and it shows I’m further improved in all stats.

I got up, nasal congestion is less, checked temperature (36.3C), nothing unusual. The only thing that has been different since the start of COVID onset is that my GI track seems to be moving faster than my late norm (which is bloating, constipation most of the days). Now, my belly is no longer bloated. I don’t know what’s the reason other than my appetite is much less.

I didn’t have any coughing until 11am, took Vicks and it went away for the rest of the day, just few coughs here and there.

Mucus got thinner as well.

Energy level fully up. I did 60 min workout and felt great and loved the sweat.

10am, PCR test visit for the rest of the family.

Just before that, husband said he had stuff nose (for an hour and went away), Lizzy was sneezing, helper said she had sore throat. All indicating that they might be developing some mild symptoms too.

We went on with our day. Girls did homework, played a lot, I read more about vaccine (its purpose is not to prevent infection!), and started a new book. It was holidays in the Philippines so no work no school.

5pm, the clinic called, all negative for the family!!!! WHAT???? How is it possible??? especially husband since I thought I got it from him who got it from our driver. And then I found out that Lizzy’s classmate also tested negative.

Why am I the only one who is positive? Who did I get from if it’s not from them????

I kept thinking who was I exposed to alone? honestly nobody!

I guess it’s good news that they don’t have it, or at least not having enough virus load to be detected, thus they don’t have any symptoms.

Next round of questioning: why am I the only one? is it because I have weaker immune system than them? What am I doing wrong? I thought I was doing everything that is meant to help with the immune system. My life style is healthy by the book, or healthier than them, except my mental load is definitely higher than all of them combined. Is that it? It has to be!

This COVID is so mysterious and once again doctor words are not sacred. First they told us no need to wear a mask, then wear a mask. Then they told us to get vaccinated as it protects us against infection over 90%, and I got infected 3 months after completing the vaccine. This week doctor told me that 99% of the time the rest of the family has it as I have it, well, the odd that none of them has it is 1%*1%*1%=0.000001%, which means the 99% is WRONG! I don’t know what else to believe anymore. Some doctor says once you get it, you are immune. Sorry, I won’t believe it anymore.

Yet, I am grateful that my case is super mild and everybody else is healthy. If one person in the family needs to take the hit, I’m happy that I am the one.

What a journey!!!

We are so grateful to have Cookie in our life. she’s just soooo cute, and girls’ best company.

2 thoughts on “COVID Day 6: puzzled

  1. It could also be the timing of the PCR test. Someone we know got tested while having mild symptoms and got a negative result but tested again later when his symptoms didn’t disappear and got a positive result. And please don’t take the result personally. I understand because I do it myself but really there could be so many reasons! The vaccines don’t stop infection 100% but they help lower the severity of the disease if you get it.

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  2. Yes, I was going to say the same. My brother in law had Covid and his son tested Negative TWICE over a period of several days, despite being home with him/not isolating (so he was clearly exposed)…. his son finally tested positive on the 3rd test, over a full week or more after my brother in law tested positive. This also happened with SHU- her kids were positive, and I think it was her or her husband who had symptoms but then tested negative a couple times before finally testing positive some days later. I also know of other people who have had it but their kids never got it at all- especially if they tried to mask/maintain distance from the kids. And, with your husband, he is also vaccinated, if I remember, so that could lower his chances of getting it too (I know you are vaccinated also, but just because you had a breakthrough infection doesn’t necessarily mean that he would too…)Also- it is always possible that he had an asymptomatic Covid in the past without even realizing it or something and is immune right now! You’ll never know….so don’t worry about it. I don’t think it “means” anything, anyway- doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. I would definitely get the family retested though a couple more times- they say onset can take 10-14 days in some cases from time of exposure (to you in this case). I think a false positive for you sounds extremely unlikely with your clear symptoms! Glad you are feeling okay overall and it’s a mild case though. 🙂


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