July book and staycation days

During May and June, I read 1 book in total. Once I came back to Manila, I read 11 without even trying hard (one e-book not showed). Once into reading again, Netflix is not attractive anymore. Most of books are nonfiction as I felt like “learning” them. Not all were good but really enjoyed reading

Originals by Adam Grant: he’s such a talented podcaster, writer, speaker. I read his latest book Think Again and ordered all his previous books. This book is about what makes some people original, especial, talented in their field of expertise, against conventional view of what makes people original.

Share Your Staff I’ll Go First. I love Laura’s podcast (10 things to tell you) and her book did not disappoint. She made me reflect quite a long through her guided questions.

Why Nations Fail. This is a rather heavy read and quite sad but it gave me a new perspective about countries, societies, and the limit of my work.

Since we came back, my days were busier than I expected as I continue my personal leave from work. I still haven’t checked my work email and don’t plan to until August 11 :). Mornings were filled with physical activities. I am happy to report that I’m finally back into running.

I ran 4 miles twice already, not 100% pain/discomfort free, but good enough that I don’t think I’m hurting myself. Yet, my cardio capacity has really deteriorated as my pace is at Sofia’s. hahaha…. and two days later my quads are so sore. The best of all is that Sofia is really into running now. Ever morning, we meet with the family that went to Puerto Gallera with us and the girls run 3-5km. Even Lizzy has started to jog up to 1/3 miles at the time. I still continue to do some strengthen exercise once I am back, and done with shower and stretching by 9am, feeling so accomplished.

Then I’ll organize for the house/kids activities, pay bills, household planning stuff, and prepared my journal to start for good next week. Girls meanwhile do their homework.

veggie heavy lunch

afternoon is spent napping (30-45 min for me), reading, girls playdate with their friends, some yoga/stretching before dinner, and more reading after dinner and in bed by 9pm. Very relaxing, just as a staycation should be.

Girls school start next week, they are all excited about it. Unfortunately still distance learning but Lizzy might do learning pod with some classmates with a tutor to have more group activities. Hope she likes it.

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