Spontaneous trip to Puerto Gallera

We just came back from 5D4Ns trip from Puerto Gallera, in one piece!!! The trip was decided Friday morning when the rain stopped after two weeks, and when it was announced that we will go back to ECQ (strictest lockdown status) starting from August 6. So we decided to join our friends’ family to Puerto Gallera. It was kind of crazy because we had to rushed to get antigen test Friday 10am, and started packing after my big work meeting that finished at 4pm, to leave the next day at 5:45am. But we made it!

The trip there was not as smooth as we expected. First the car ride was faster than usual, 1.15 hrs and we got to the pier. Then we realized that the sea was rough, but we had no choice than get to the boat. The 75 min boat ride was SOOOO tough, everyone got sea sick with all the kids and 1 adult threw up. I was afraid we would sink or something and Lizzy cried 80% of the ride. Awful is understatement.

Fortunately we arrived safe to our ocean side houses. We stayed in two big houses, connected by few stairs.

Highlight of our stay included this amazing view at 530am, such a quiet bay view from the living room

We did kayaking, paddle boarding

snorkeling and free diving

one day we took a jeepney to visit a waterfall

and met with Lizzy’s BFF who was also visiting

the adults went diving one day

while kids and I relaxed by a small beach

Afternoons were slow and relaxing. Kids played among themselves, adults either napped, read, or watched Olympic Games

evenings were full of conversations and card games

I tried freshly picked sea orchard

really enjoyed all our lunches and dinners together with good food and conversations

last dinner highlight was the seafood porridge

this morning we departed t 6am, per recommendation of the boat man. The earlier the better to avoid bumpy ride. Yet when we met with him he said it was very rough so he’d found a different pier, maybe less bumpy. We were all very nervous as we now knew what it was about. Fortunately the ride was short, 30 min and we were at the new pier. We had to transfer to a small manual boat to get to the shore but that as fast and quick. We arrived home 4hrs after we departed, in one piece, and no threw up along the way.

I’d say I wouldn’t have enjoyed this trip as much if we went along. The best part of the trip was to share the experience with this family, relatively new to us but I find we share many values and preferences (of fun!), so it was great to get to know them and bounding time. Kids had a blast as their ages are good match, 11 and 7, and 8 and 5. I am already looking forward to travel with them again.

one more incident while we were there: earthquake today at midnight, it woke me up and kept me up since then. Not as strong as the one we had in manila but strong enough to feel it. Oh well… I survived another earthquake. šŸ™‚

Now, 5 more days of vacation until I go back to work. I’ve been doing great in not checking work email šŸ™‚

One thought on “Spontaneous trip to Puerto Gallera

  1. That looks so amazing!!! wow!! (except the trip on the rocky boat….omg that sounds terrible!). What a beautiful, beautiful place. I love the houses right on the beach! And the pic of you reading with views of the water in the background looks heavenly. We leave for vacation on Saturday, but it will be a more active trip, not the lay around and read type. šŸ™‚ I like both types of trips, though! Both fun, in different ways. I was wondering where you were! haha! Was missing your posts.


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