COVID Day 11: cabin fever

Last week flied by so quickly that when weekend arrived, I was plan-less and to-do-less. It should have been a good thing but suddenly I felt cabin fever. Not that I want to go out during the day, it was near 40C and so sunny, but early morning or even walk would be nice. I didn’t have a plan for the day, and I could sense Lizzy was bored by 3pm. Oh well…. I’ll encourage them to plan a “fun” play for Sunday.

Symptoms: lingering low fever (max 37.3) throughout the day. Annoying! Energy level was good. But after few stressful work related calls, I developed a headache that lasted for the rest of the day. I don’t think it’s covid related because I’ve had it before. My appetite is definitely back, although didn’t taste food as good as before, or I feel in a food rut and nothing of the usual food sounds appetizing.

I am still in the project of decluttering and cooking up our pantry and freezer. We used up the fish fillet that nobody wanted to eat for some fish nuggets, made by the girls.

they turned out perfect, even husband had quite a few after lunch

I took a short nap after lunch, 20 min feels so good and that’s the perk of working from home that I am enjoying. Girls don’t take naps anymore which make days long. After my nap, I finished my book, a thriller, with an unlikely twist/ending.

Chatted with my BFF in Germany as she checked on me. It’s really nice to know who really cares for me during this COVID episodes. Some “friends” checked on the first two days and forgot about its others check on me almost every day.

Then we watched some documentary about the new city that we might move to as a family and we all ate dumplings in front of the TV. That’s a nice bounding exercise, even Cookie joined us and napped between my legs.

Even though I didn’t do much, I was crushed in bed by 7:51pm and slept 9 hrs. Sleep is really the best medicine! 😀

Sunday plan:

  • do August family finance
  • make bread
  • try a new recipe? or order take out
  • start a new nonfiction book
  • plan for week ahead
  • baking with the girls: cookies?
  • play board game with the girls

2 thoughts on “COVID Day 11: cabin fever

  1. I’m sure you are getting bored of being trapped inside! Especially as you’re feeling better. Those fish nuggets look so good! What is the batter that you breaded them with? Just regular bread crumbs?


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