COVID Day 12: crazy hair

We had a good Sunday at home. The girls are loving to do/bake by themselves. They made vegan brownies that turned out a bit too chocolaty but yummy.

We all love the idea of brownie than the actual brownie I think. hehehe….

I had a good day physically . I didn’t have fever but felt warm head sometimes. It could be that this happened before COVID and I just notice now as I am more vigilant about. No coughing, good energy and craved avocado toast with egg

I had to work in the afternoon so the girls played monopoly. When I was done, I made them braids as they love to have wavy hair. They were so proud and happy about their new hair style that we did a little mini photo session.

I also started a new book by Ryan Holiday, and already 2/3 through it. It reminds me to focus what matters, ask myself often what matters, and let everything else go. Simple concept, not simple to live by. 🙂

I woke up midnight with stomach pain. I had to get up and drink some peppermint tea, rub my belly while being very sleepy. What a weird feeling. I changed from bedroom to studio to another spare bedroom to return to studio sofa, and finally when it was relieved (after I took anti-acid medicine), I went back to bed. I don’t know exactly what caused it but it reminded me to be kind and gentle when kids have stomach pain without apparent reason, which is what happened to Lizzy during lunch time. Belly ache in kids is a mystery, Sofia had it when she was around Lizzy’s age and we even saw doctors and still no diagnosis. When it happens, the only thing that seems to help is to be with them, acknowledge their discomfort and rub their belly until they feel better. Last night I wanted to wake up hubby to do that for me, but then I thought i’m 40, i should be able to take care of myself 😀 Maybe I should have???

5 more days to go and we will be out of quarantine!!!

One thought on “COVID Day 12: crazy hair

  1. That egg and toast pictures looks absolutely delicious. I need to make that soon. I like to make overeasy eggs and put them on top of toast and then top them with spicy salsa or pico de gallo. But I should add avocado. So nice that the girls are getting into cooking and baking. My boys sometimes like to do that but not too often…I think it’s a nice activity for kids. Keeps them busy and fosters independence too.


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