COVID Day 13: embrace the change

It was a hectic Monday, I worked from 8am till 10pm. Sigh… really not conducive for COVID patient #72 (how our building named me). I talked too much and lost voice by the end of the day.. sigh again. Low grade fever come and go, annoying but didn’t really bother me. I do notice when I’m hyped up I get warm, when I calm down, fever goes away.

One big project that I’ve been doing for month just got an unexpected twist. We were all surprised by the change of heart of my boss on this but I liked my immediate boss’s response: we don’t need to get into weeds of ND, just try to embrace the change. So true. Nobody can say the change is for better or worse, for sure less risky but also less rewards. I wouldn’t make that change but again I’m no in his shoes. I am sure he has his reasons. The real implication for me is actually less work, which I guess is good.

The position that I want to apply will soon be posted. I am super excited to get the process started but at the same time tired of having to prove myself in an interview after 4 years of hard work. I haven’t gone to an interview for 4 years so really need to prepare myself for it, again tiring just thinking about it.

Lizzy’s learning pod parents are asking Lizzy to take another covid test before she returns to the pod. At least I thought their demand is unreasonable because we locked us up for 14 days already, and that Lizzy doesn’t have any symptoms. But I agreed, just for their peace of mind. I fully get the point of quarantining at home to protect others even though we feel we’ve “recovered”, so I guess I’ll just extend this responsibility a step further, to get tested again.

3 more days to go until we can leave the house!!!

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