COVID Day 14: obsessive checking

It was a challenging day. Due to staying up late the night before, I slept less than 6 hrs. At first I felt good but by 8am, I started to feel warm and nasal congestion getting worse, to the point that when I was talking in a meeting I felt breathless. I took temperature every hour and incrementally felt warmer, especially my forehead. I used 3 thermometer just to make sure it’s right. It never went up above 37.5 but I wasn’t feeling well. Partly because the nasal congestion that made me feel breathless caused some panic. I tried to nap thinking that it was because I didn’t sleep well for two nights, but couldn’t sleep due to congestion and mild headache.

I had telemedicine again just to be reassured that I am on the way to recovery but the path is not always smooth and I should be patient to get these last symptoms to go away.

Fortunately I felt better by dinner time and made japanese omelets for the family, which they loved!

I followed my successful sleep routine, finished work by 5pm, relax, read, soak feet in hot water for 15 min, and go to bed.

The experience of the day made me wonder is it when one gets older? parts stop functioning at optimal rate? Ageing became more daunting than I previously thought now that I’ve been experiencing it for two weeks, probably the longest time I’ve been sick ever. Not everyday is bad or scary but its recurrent nature is bothering me. Also, i know long covid symptoms happen to some unlucky ones, I hope I’m not one of them.

One thought on “COVID Day 14: obsessive checking

  1. Lizzy looks so grown up in that picture. 🙂 Cute. I feel like I can see her growing more in the 1+ year or so I’ve been following your blog. I hope your symptoms all go away for good soon. I would be nervous about long covid too…like you said, it’s generally rare but hard not to at least think about. I don’t think you are “aging” much..well, maybe a little, but you are in really good shape, eat so healthy and still relatively quite young! But I know what you mean. My husband even says now at 40 when he plays soccer, things start to hurt more easily than they ever used to…he’s not happy either. 🙂


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