First normal day “post covid”?

2 weeks down and thanks to good sleep the night before, I had a first almost fully normal day!!! Is this the start of normalcy? I hope so but expect bumpy road ahead to lower expectations. I didn’t have fever most of the day, maybe 37.1 once. Didn’t feel congested, energetic, and just normal. Haven’t appreciate feeling normal ever so much.

It was a complicated work day but my spirit was high and kept myself optimistic and pragmatic, not letting it get into me too much.

Another good news is that after almost 10 days of recording daily Sofia’s piano grade 2 test submission, the teacher finally said we can submit. Yet, I know she was not in her best and we could give it a few more tries before submitting. It was quite a relief because it’s getting tiring some to spend 20 min a day, full house silence to record.

2 more days until out of quarantine!!! 😀

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