Vegetarian day

I was vegan for 3 years after my dad passed away from a sudden heart attack. This year, I’ve added fish and egg back. There are few reasons that made to shift: (1) although I love vegan food and felt good while at it, lately I found myself with sugar high after a meal because to make vegan a full meal, carbs are needed to make up for the low calorie of vegetables. Given that my dad and my untie had diabetes, I need to be careful around insulin. (2) vegan is restrictive while not eating at home and I don’t want it to add stress so I prefer to be flexible. (3) while I think vegan is a healthy diet for everyone including children, for it to work well long term one needs to be careful to ensure nutrient balance. Since I am not sure I can do that nor ensure my kids can achieve that, modeling vegan as the best diet is not responsible. I’d rather them make their own informed choice later so it is better to eat a balanced diet at home with them.

I usually cook one protein dish per day: fish, shrimp or chicken. We’ve been having that for a while and I thought it would be good for a vegetarian day. I made few vegetarian dishes and girls ate just fine. Sofia asked me what is vegetarian and why I am no longer vegan. So I gave her #1 and #2 reasons above.

It was a hectic work day again and by 5pm I decided to end my work day with some feet up relaxation, Lizzy joined me. So cute!

I didn’t sleep well and as result, I had mild headache and low grade fever again. Suddenly it didn’t bother me anymore or doesn’t worry me. I’m out of risk of relapse to a critical condition. Instead of obsessing to be full covid symptom free, I’ll just make sure I carry healthy life style and be patient for those remaining symptoms to fade. They will eventually, I’m certain.

After dinner, our little family stayed together in our bedroom including Cookie. Sofia and I read, daddy practice golf swing and Lizzy kept bothering Cookie who seems to want to take a nap besides me.

I’m surprised by myself how much I am liking Cookie in our life. I feel she’s God sent to me to teach me some lessons. Although I can’t put them into words yet, I am learning 😀

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