Lizzy cleared to get back to “school”

Big milestone today was getting Lizzy tested for COVID to get her clear to get back to her learning pod with 3 other friends. She didn’t like the experience but glad to get out of the quarantine finally.

Both Sofia and Lizzy did great at home. They always find ways to entertain themselves and days seem to fly by so quickly. One night I found them still playing at 9pm in their room when they are supposed to have light out by 8pm. I got mad at them but also glad they are each other’s company during this pandemic and our COVID experience.

I made a new Japanese dish for their lunch, chicken egg concoction over rice. They seem to like it a lot!

I had a long day and exhausting day at work. Continued to have fever and warm body. Sigh…

So glad the work week is over.

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