COVID Day 10: good day & August books

I woke up after 9 hrs of sleep! Felt sooooo good and energized. I immediately wrote down what I did the night before for good sleep hygiene so I remember to replicate. Few things I think helped:

  • finish work by 5pm
  • do some gentle exercise: did 20 min pilates
  • light dinner: sweet potato soup
  • spend time with the girls
  • soak feet in hot water for 15 min
  • reading in bed

some people say stop eating 3 hrs before bedtime, to me, stop working 3 hrs before is even more important! 😀

Symptoms for the day

  • nasal congestion still present but not bothering me
  • fever, almost none until 7pm, 37.1
  • coughing: occasional
  • taste buds: somewhat back? I felt hungry for the first time in 10 days and ate a large dinner.

I talked to a colleague yesterday and he asked how I am. I didn’t tell him personally but he heard from my boss. I then wonder, do I need to disclose to everyone that I have/had covid going forward? I guess one wouldn’t do that for flu but with covid, is that like a social responsibility to do so? mmm…. I’m not sure.

First week of fully work from home with the entire family. We did well. Nobody felt bored/trapped. Actually I am liking to work at home in Sofia’s room. Quiet enough but accessible to home amenities and can have lunch with the family. Maybe I’ll continue to do so even when I’m allowed to go out.

One thing that is quite annoying during this time is that I feel needing to order groceries everyday. No store has everything we need, so one day I order vegetables, the next day we need egg and milk from another store, and third day I need to order fruits. Again, mental load that I don’t want to deal with. Fortunately this task has been taken by husband pre-covid, and I can’t wait to handle it back to him.

An update on the job situation: remember I said we might move back to the US? well…. there was another twist to this. Something else even better might come up soon so my boss asked me to wait! We are HYPER excited by the new place, I will reveal when confirmed or close to. That is actually my dream job and dream city for the family. Now is the waiting game… first the post needs to be out, then I’ll apply and go through the interview process. But if all goes well, we would be moving Dec/Jan. Can you tell how excited I am???? hahaha….

August was a good reading month, I finished 9 books and enjoyed quite a lot of them. The 9th one was ebook by Emily Giffen

How to Raise an Adult (4/5): it’s a parenting book written by Yale dean. I enjoyed it as it reinforces my parenting philosophy. Authorative and caring. Let the kids explore and feel all emotions and challenges that an adult would face. Be there with them, but not for them.

Lean in (5/5): I am so late to read Sheryl’s book that was super popular when it first came out. The concept that I like the most is that if the woman has a dream job to fulfill professionally, then the choice of lean in or lean out (to care for the family) is not that hard. The mistake some women make is to lean out because they have enough a fair decision to make, just because the society expectation of women to stay at home and take care of everyone else.

Option B (2/5): I thought I would enjoy her second book after her husband died suddenly. It was a mix of memoire and research on grief and moving forward. I couldn’t related much.

Given and Take (4/5): I enjoy all Adam Grant’s books and this one is also good.

The end of poverty (3/5): this is work related book that taught me few things that I didn’t know. An enjoyable read.

That kind of mother (1/5).

Into thin air (4/5): recount Everest incident that involved many deaths. It highlighted human nature of over-confidence of our own ability and limit, which could be very dangerous. Once we are invested in something, we stop being rational in our decisions.

Four hour chef (1/5): my least favorite book by Tim Ferris.

The lies that bind (4/5): like all Emily’s books. I enjoy it when I am reading, then forget about the plot right way.

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