Rest is challenging

I am happy to report that I am back to pre-scare normal. I woke up after a good night of sleep. My oura ring told me that my body was recovering still, resting heart rate was higher than normal, breathing rate was higher, temperature was normal. So I took the cue from my body and from the scare and rest the full day. I did minimal of everything. I spent the morning reading articles with Cookie being my company. Took a long nap after lunch and read for hours. I even let the girls to go out for another playdate so I can fully rest.

I realized that for me pushing my body and mind is much easier than resting, especially when I feel fine. But I need to be careful so I don’t get into the same situation again, which caused panic to everyone.


  • temperature lowered, max was 37.2 only once
  • some nasal congestion but not much
  • energy was good, not super high but good enough for PMS period
  • appetite was meh but I made sure I fueled my body to fight the remaining residue of COVID
  • breathing: this is tricky. my oxygen was always 99% but sometime I feel takes me effort to breath, especially when I think/feel about it. When I am focusing on something else, I don’t notice. So it’s probably anxiety related, or phantom sickness as my friend calls it. Hopefully as my body signals continued to improve, my anxiety level always goes down.
  • I went to lab to have my blood tested to rule out any lingering infection. I went 8am and was out 30 min later. The results came back few hours later. From what I can see, everything is within normal range but will check with a doctor tomorrow.

I got some new items for lunch: korean sushi and korean sausage. I also made soy pulp (leftover from soy milk) pancakes. I really like the korean sushi. It has tons of vegetable inside, will definitely buy again.

I love seeing Cookie take tons of naps throughout the day. This pic was taken while I was reading and she just napped by myself. Good reminder to me to REST.

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