Set intentions

A new week, a new day, a new beginning.

Before I started my work day, I wrote down 3 goals for the day

  • Take pauses often
  • Be gentle
  • Delegate more

I am being known as someone intense and impatient at work so people will always ask for more if I allow them. I had scheduled a 8pm meeting on Monday, so first email that went out was to inform the team that I won’t be joining that one. Evening meetings are so taxing to my body that I avoid them at all cost pre-COVID, and now I simply avoid them completely. He might think I’m being lazy… I don’t care.

I started updating my CV for the upcoming job application. One would think a 2 page CV would be quick. Well, it took me most of the day mixed between work emergencies. There are so many considerations when deciding the order, what to add and omit, and the opening summary of oneself. I was happy to have a first draft by 4pm. Then I’ll sit on it for few days before refining it.

Physically I felt well. Fever was lower than pre-scare. Only one time it went up to 37.4 after sitting few hours. Then I got up and did some light exercise and the fever went away. For the rest of the day, it hovered between 36.8-37.1. I’d say good progress.

I had a teleconsult to go through my blood tests. All normal, no bacteria infection. So just keep resting and ease back to intense exercise.

I also ventured out for a short walk (15 min) after I was done with work and feeling the need to get out of the house. I wasn’t sure if I’d get into trouble again so I walked slow.

15 min later, I was back feeling well. 🙂

It was supposed to be Lizzy’s first day back to learning pod but 20 min before school start, we were informed that the teacher didn’t feel well and wasn’t coming. What a bummer. Fortunately the host family welcomed Lizzy with our helper. So she spent the school day there playing/learning with her BFF. What a relief. She’s so much happier when she’s with her friends.

I haven’t been journaling to set intensions since we went to the US. Maybe it’s time to bring it back so I get a daily reminder before I dive into work.

The girls are my constant reminder to take care of myself. They need me to be healthy to see them grow.

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