Just look at her

For two days I sit besides Lizzy and Sofia in the mornings when they have breakfast alone. Once because Sofia went out to run and the next day because Lizzy slept in. It reminded me the time that my grandma used to do when I had dinners. She wouldn’t dine with me (not sure why) but she’d sit with me. Sometimes we talk, sometime in silence. I didn’t realize nor appreciated it much at the time but kept reminding those moments of joy that I saw in her face years/decades later.

Now that I do the same with my girls, it feels right. no distraction, just look at her and “enjoy” this simple moment. When they were babies and we couldn’t communicate verbally, I kept wondering what they were thinking, what’s in their mind. Now I finally know as they share random thoughts on the spot. Kids are just so interesting, imaginative and make connections to past events in a fascinating way.

At the current stage, they are interested on their friends, stories they read and learn from class, made up dreams, monsters, celebrations coming up, where we’d live after Manila, and travels. I wonder how their interests will evolve over time. I just hope I keep being their favorite listener.

I felt good yesterday, almost normal the full day, no fever and no tiredness or short of breath. I went to the hospital to the chest CT scan with contrast. It was more complicated than I expected as they had to inject a contrast liquid in my vain, which they failed the first time and had to redo in the other arm. Finger cross the results are normal. Really want to put covid behind.

I went out for a walk before dinner to clear my mind. I walked for 30 min this time and didn’t feel anything unusual. Good sign of progress.

I’m planning for Sofia’s upcoming 9th birthday. Original plan is to surprise her with a weekend gateway to a beach with her friends. 3 families are joining but now we are not sure we can go again as manila enters to a new quarantine classifications. Sigh… back up plan is to make a party at home with her friends. In any case, she didn’t know about this trip so she won’t

One thought on “Just look at her

  1. I have memories of certain meal related things with my grandma too. Whenever we would go there and sleep overnight, in the morning she would always have red grapefruit. We would cut it in half, sprinkle sugar all over it and then scoop the pieces out with a spoon. Haha. It was just a grapefruit, but it was special, because for some reason we never had grapefruit at home! 🙂 It was just a “grandma’s house” thing.

    Hope your test results are all okay! I’m sure they will be. Sounds like you are finally on the mend now! yay!


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