My kind of evening

It was a busy day, spent 3 hrs in meetings, not good for my recovery journey but well life goes on. Lizzy had a dentist appointment, which made me very nervous as the doctor suggested to extract one molar that supposedly to come out early teens! This tooth has been problematic for a while and the doctor kept saving it. I had to beg her to continue saving it. The thought of Lizzy facing tooth extraction is too much for me to handle.

I told her that if it’s not painful, please don’t cry because mama heart aches when I hear her cry. She did exactly that, she didn’t cry but when she came out and came to my arms, she started crying. My poor baby, so caring to her mom, holding her tears until it was over.

I bought her a cranberries juice, 5 min later, no more pain no more cry. Sugar and pink is magical!

While the girls were at the pool and I prepared dinner, i also baked a healthy brownie. I used chickpea, eggs, maple syrup, almond flour and cacao power to a consistency that looks like brownie. It turned out perfect! I love when spontaneous baking turns out good.

After dinner, girls did kumon in my room while I read one chapter of my new book… slow progress this week. I love seeing them focusing on something.

Lizzy got a new dress from a birthday boy in class, she can’t wait to wear it.

I had a good day recovery day. The not perfect sleep affected my morning, I had mild headache and maybe 37.2C at certain point, but it went away in the afternoon. My appetite is slowly bad and doing some catch up. 🙂

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