ALL is good!

Good things happening!

  1. I hadn’t had fever for 3 consecutive days!!! YAY!! sometimes I feel warm but when I measured it, it’s below 37C.
  2. Sofia conquered 8km yesterday!!! She’s sooo strong and I’m so glad she has a friend that run with her. I also jogged. I went super easy. I did 3 min walk, 3 min run, keeping heart rate below 130. I didn’t care about pace, I only care about getting back to running. I know it will be a process but I am so happy that after 65 min of walk/jog, I felt absolutely fine. Such a difference compared than a week ago.

loving watermelon for breakfast!!! Yellow ones are so juicy.

3. Forcing myself to rest on Saturday, I binged on a new show that is 10 out 10. I love love love Julie Deply so when I saw it I knew I’d love it, and I absolutely loved it. The first season is 12 episodes, I watched 10 on Saturday and 2 Sunday morning. That addictive. Can’t wait for second season, which will feature COVID life.

4. Sunday hubby went out golfing with his friends (first time since the pandemic!) so I had solo parenting for most of the day, which surprisingly turned out to be a blast with the girls. The girls did homework and Lizzy did fantastic job in her kumon reading. She struggled, we struggled for months, to the point that I was about to give up. But one day, she got it and mastered ABA words and yesterday with minimal help she read her first kumon book. I am sooooo proud of her.

4. We are keeping Cookie. let me know rewind a bit. For 3 days, Cookie started meawing 4am which disturbed my sleep. I told the family, you guys have 3 days to train her. If she keeps like this, I’ll return her where she came from. Well… I don’t know exactly what they did, she stopped since then, so we are keeping them. I know I’m such a bad pet owner, thinking about abandoning it so quickly, but sleep is sacred to me and even the family didn’t complained. Lizzy even offered to take her back. Fortunately we don’t have to. She is cute.

We had a lovely lunch too, made pizza for the girls paired with some vegetables while I ordered vegan Indonesia food.

This is Sofia’s 9th birthday. I haven’t prepared anything yet and I am started to “panic”. I booked a beach weekend trip with 2 other families. I will find out if we can go, given all the travel restrictions. Back up plan would be a party at home with all her friends. Meanwhile, I need to find a gift (I know, I’m so bad and late!).

it is going to be a fantastic week, maybe the post will open too? SO EXCITED!

One thought on “ALL is good!

  1. Glad you are feeling more back to normal!!! Sounds smart to take it easy and slowly work back up to running. It’s a good sign that this one went much better! Hopefully will be smooth sailing from here forward. Can’t wait to hear where you may be moving to!


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