Joyful moments

  • morning hugs to my 5 years old baby… yes, I still call her bebe 🙂
  • listening a song that I’ve loved for years and realized something special about it when listening again.
  • receive an email from a friend and respond within 1 min, it brings me joy knowing that the other person would be surprised and happy to receive such a quick response
  • wake up and realize it’s almost get up time
  • witnessing Lizzy conquering her “battle”. Last night her workbook started with plus 8. She said 8+8, put out her both hands, look at them, contemplate for quite a long moment (I thought she’d give up soon), and said loudly 16 such a joy and proud.
  • seeing Cookie get comfortable jumping around

So after few days of no symptom, yesterday I had a mini relapse. The combination of poor sleep the night before (woke up 2am and didn’t manage to get back to sleep) and continued cardio (3 days in a row and more effort and length each time) resulted a mini relapse around noon that lasted until 5pm. Needed deep breathing, some fever (37.3C max), and mild headache. I didn’t panic this time but just took the afternoon off, napped, and read. Things got back to normal by dinner time. Lesson learned 🙂

Update on Sofia’s birthday trip. It seems that we can’t travel because minors are not allowed in that resort. Bummer. Instead we will do a small party with her friends. I haven’t decided to invite the parents or not, it will depend on my energy level. I plan to order food instead of spending hours cooking but promised Sofia I’ll make the cake that I made last year which she loved.

I don’t have no idea what to buy her as gift. Sigh….

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