Counting my blessings

While I am covid long hauler with million of unanswered questions about my conditions, I am grateful for:

  • having access to medical care without having to think about whether I can afford or not.
  • having a job with supportive teams and flexibility that let me rest when I need. I can just imagine many others cannot keep their jobs due to long covid.
  • healthy family despite all the covid cases around us. Literally, each day I hear new confirmed cases within families that we know and hang out.
  • good night sleep. despite annoying symptoms I have during the day, and lack of physical activities, I can still count good night sleep.
  • happy kids. despite restrictions, they are still happy everyday and get excited by the smallest thing.

I love watching Lizzy doing her Kumon reading as she does the phonetics in such a cute way that I want to enjoy every time she does it. I know these days are limited.

Yesterday was an okay day. Still fatigued but not to the extend I could not move. I even logged 6000+ steps just walking in our condo.

I also found a good way to kill boring meetings that I have to attend. Do exercise on the side with my camera and mic off. What a brilliant idea!

Low grade fever continued and I actually logged all my low fever days in an excel file just to know if I ever recovered from it. Well… actually only 5 consecutive I didn’t have it over the last 6 weeks. Most of the days I’d have around 99F.

I am taking 10 min medications breaks throughout the day, to check with my body. Those are so recharging. It calms me down.

Tomorrow I’ll see a cardiologist to go through the tests. Let’s see if he can enlighten me and gives me some concrete advise.

One day at the time!

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