Relaxing weekend in Anilao

We had an amazing weekend in Anilao. We left Friday 5:30am and got there before 9am for the girls to connect to distance learning. While they did school, hubby and i relaxed by the water. The sound of waves is so calming and healing.

The kids finished school and jumped right into the pool for most of the day. I love traveling with another family because girls get to play with their friends while on vacation, leaving the parents just to relax.

We were planning to go out for snorkeling and diving the next day, which is what makes Anilao famous. But the sea was rough so we stayed in. More lounging by the waver, pool, naps, 100min massage for me, and just chill.

The hotel has two pet goats and the kids got to feed them. They are adorable and so friendly.

Sunday morning Sofia joined the other family for a hike among the clouds. Such a perfect way to end our short trip.

You might wonder how’s my COVID symptoms? I am happily surprised that while I was there, I had zero discomfort nor symptoms. When I was having massage, I felt normal for the first time since 6 weeks ago. Is this a taste of normalcy? I hope so. I think the relaxing days, the sound of waves, and not having to follow any schedule really helped to relax me. I also started doing breath exercise during 10 min meditation sessions that I do several times a day. It’s like magic! It slows down my HR right away, calms me, and recharges me.

I plan to stay in my current level of activities for another week before increasing it to avoid a relapse. Currently, I am aiming to walk twice a day, of 20-30 min each time. Then 30 min of strengthen workout that doesn’t involve jumping twice a day, before lunch and before dinner. Spacing out activities help me to recover. Let’s see if this plan works.

I am more hopeful now than last week. Domestic travel restrictions are also being lifted. If all goes well, we are going to Cebu in 13 days for another beach trip during girls school break. YAY for more wave sounds for my soul. đŸ™‚

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