Job hunting AHA moments

Update on my job search journey: more stresses. Let me first give some background on how this process works within my organization. I have been stationed in Manila for over 4 years and my assignment ends June 2022. Now its the time for me to search for my next posting. First, I have open ended (or tenure) contract, so unless I make a huge mistake, they cannot fire me. This is a BIG plus of my job as it’s guaranteed that I’ll go somewhere next year. What is not guaranteed is where, and whether I can go to my top choice. Also, I am due for promotion but for that to happen I need to get a job that is one level above my current level. So far, I’ve applied to 3 jobs that is a level up. 2 are unlikely to happen as those are very attractive locations (China and US). The third one is in Central Asia and I haven’t been notified whether I will be interview or not.

Last week a batch came out with over 30 positions and I really got overwhelmed. So many choices. Then I talked to my bosses and they encouraged me to apply to few. While those are promotion jobs, the locations are not particularly exciting. With husband we debated the pros and cons and I was ready to give them a shot.

I couldn’t sleep well last night as something is bothering me and as I reflect, I realized that going for a job just because its a promotion is not something that I DO. Even before this process started, I’ve told myself that I’ll only apply for jobs that I am interested, even if it’s not a promotion. Why did I change my mind throughout the process? So when husband woke up (5am), I told him that maybe we should just choose lateral moves to places that we are excited to live, and not go for those that we are not convinced fully just for the promotion. More options will come out next year so there’s no rush. Better wait until something really interesting to come out while living a place that we all like. Husband agreed. And I finally settled to our decision.

It is kind of liking buying houses. Before the start of hunting process, one defines priorities and bottom-lines. But then when being in the market and seeing so many houses, we tend to forget our priorities as we get distracted. So I am glad that I had this AHA moment at 3am. Better late than regret later.

I had a great day with my blood sugar level. On the left it’s yesterday’s with rather flat line. the largest jump was actually after I run in the morning. The right graph shows the day before when I had avocado toast, watermelon and sweet potato and you can see spikes clearly.

What I ate for a flat blood sugar day?

Breakfast (10:30am after 16 hrs of fast): avocado toast using keto bun made of coconut flour, eggs, and coconut oil. That was a 10/10 meal and super satisfying.

Lunch (1pm): stir fry vegetables and fish

Snack (4pm): paleo bread made with pumpkin, eggs, and almond flour.

Dinner (6:20pm): vegetables and sunny side eggs, mug cake made of almond flour, flax meal, coconut cream, cacao powder, and peanut butter. YUM and 10/10.

I felt great the whole day, no brain fog, no sleepiness, no super hungry ever. I know that low carb diet has been criticized a lot and I was vegan for 3 years. I think as we age, our metabolic health worsens, thus less able to process spikes of carbs in meals, causing blood sugar spikes. As long as the low carb diet is still full of whole food composed of plenty of vegetables, I think it can be healthy and sustainable too.

3 thoughts on “Job hunting AHA moments

  1. Interesting to hear about how job rotations work in your organization. Your analogy with house hunting is really apt, we get caught up in the process and forget what we really wanted in the first place. But from my experience, in the end things fall into place… if you didn’t realize it yourself, life has a way of telling you you need to change something.
    Question – which blood sugar monitor did you get? Now I want to get one!


  2. Love these updates on the glucose monitor. So fascinating. I’ve been intermittent fasting for several years (off and on) and think it would be so interesting to test the impacts of that + breaking my fast with different foods.

    I 100% agree – as I get older it makes sense to do lateral moves that improve my quality of life vs prioritizing working up the career ladder. We only get about ~4000 weeks in our lifetime, and I’m nearly the half-way point of mine, so I want to make them count. Not in a stressful way, but just being mindful that life it too short to willingly pursue something I just don’t want to do. All the best, and I’m so glad you got your “AHA” moment 🙂


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